Hard to believe but it is the holiday season and the New Year. There have been so many changes and so many reasons to celebrate. This is Grace’s first holiday, and we are all looking forward to seeing it through her eyes. There will be the food, parties, decorations and the joy of experiencing it all. The New Year will be a time of reflection and creating something new.

We have met some amazing women this year. I met our cover model,
L Marie, at the opening of her business years ago, and I was thrilled when I found out she was going to be on the cover. She is an amazing entrepreneur, knowledgeable skin specialist, loving wife and doting mother.

Superstar, wife and mother Celine Dion is actually a resident of Las Vegas and spoke with Las Vegas Woman magazine about her life and living in Southern Nevada. Our incredible stylist, Andeen Rose, interviewed the celebrity stylist to up-and-coming star Meghan Trainor (and others) about her world as well as some beauty tips for good-looking hair. Speaking of beauty, Jennifer Florendo offers some great ideas in Goody Bag for gifts, including indulging ourselves.

Our Fearless Females continue to inspire me. One is making great strides in health care with her cutting-edge research into multiple sclerosis. Another reaches out to children with horses, creating a bond between the two and witnessing a shift from despair to hope. For our third Fearless Female, education was the key for success for this young single mother who raised her family while going to school and working with others in need.

Dr. Tiger Devore answers the question we all asked about what the Ashley Madison scandal really means about relationships. I recently attended the grand reopening of Pet’ographique, which specializes in pet photography. These photos capture what our pets really mean to us including our columnist Rikki Cheese. In fact, there is a portrait of her and her Akitas on the wall that shows the love between fur parents and their four-legged children.

I wish everyone happy holidays and a bold, bright New Year.

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