By Taylor Makakoa

For many people spring means gardening and cleaning. But for me, spring is something much more—it is a time of blossoming and renewal, which is why this is my favorite season. There is a connection between gardening and blossoming, cleaning and renewal. Those words shouldn’t be thought of as chores, but as empowering ways to make your life better.

Growing your vegetable garden can be empowering and healthy and, talk about farm to table, it can save money. Cultivating flowers is really the heart and soul of springtime. Every time I see a bit of green breaking the soil, I see a rose open up, I see a desert flower bloom; it reminds me of how anything and everything can always have a fresh start.

If we’re going to have a fresh new start, if we’re going to have a renewal, then we need to get rid of the old. This brings me to spring cleaning. It can keep you healthy as you remove allergens or bacteria from your environment. It can also keep you sane because you finally have an opportunity to organize after the holiday chaos. Another bonus to spring cleaning is that chance to shed unneeded items from your home. You can hold a garage sale to earn a little extra cash, or donate items to an organization that can help people or animals in need.

To carry this metaphor a bit further, just as important as seeing flowers blossom and to renew by cleaning out the old in the house is to take time this spring to blossom and renew as a person and to shed what is old and not needed.

In 2015 I’ve had my own chance to blossom. A few months ago I took over as president of my husband’s businesses, which has allowed me to truly grow in my own right. I believe that to experience real growth, to truly blossom, you must step out of your comfort zone. For me that was taking over his businesses. But regardless of whatever choices any of us face, I feel spring is the time to be inspired to make needed life changes and to renew oneself. In my new role I’m renewing Terry’s businesses. We made changes, got rid of the old that what wasn’t working well, kept and refreshed what works and are adding new innovative ideas.

Whether you are a career woman, a mom taking care of her family or a woman doing some combination of both, spring is the time for change. Renewal could refer to something as drastic as a career move or it could just mean picking up that hobby that you felt you had to leave behind. Ask yourself: what you are passionate about in life. I decided I was passionate about dogs, so I interned at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society and did a study on who donates to animal charities. My culture is also important to me, so I have connected back to my younger days doing hula. So in summary, you can blossom by renewing yourself. This spring is the time to ensure that ten years from now you do not look back at your choices and wish you had followed your passions. Now is the time. Pick up that old guitar or camera. Volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about. Remind yourself about what you want your life to be about and make it happen…now.

Taylor Makakoa is model and performer in Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment live at The Mirage