When researching advertising, many small- to mid-size legal and medical practices are intimidated by the “big business” approach of many agencies. These practices often do not have their own advertising department or a huge marketing budget to spend on retaining a large firm. But there are other choices in the marketplace that can help smaller practices get to the next level in the public relations game. Boutique marketing firms, such as Lippman Media, can offer an alternative to high-priced advertising agencies while providing full-service marketing and public relations support with a personal touch.

LippmanDeveloping an advertising campaign seems simple; put some ads in a magazine, or do a couple of commercials or billboards. But marketing your practice should be looked at in the same way as marketing any other household product—building brand consistency and loyalty are the keys to success. According to Glenda Monkarsh, CEO of Lippman Media, “Our firm specializes in developing a comprehensive plan to target your key demographic and focus on the methods that will get the most positive exposure, and bring the highest return on your investment. That is what builds consistency and familiarity.”

Using a boutique firm such as Lippman Media can save money for any practice that wants to advertise. Marketing firms can negotiate lower rates for space in publications, billboards, bus shelters, radio and television air time, passing the savings on to you. Lippman Media looks at what is available in the client’s price range and develops the most effective approach possible. “For example, we found low-cost advertising on the side of prescription bags through a local pharmacy chain for one of our clients. We negotiated with the chain and were able to bring the cost down while providing broad brand exposure,” explained Monkarsh.

… building brand consistency and loyalty are the keys to success.

A growing area that many practices would benefit from is social media, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Lippman Media has an expert team that manages online advertising, web design, graphic design, newsletters, social media presence, press releases, reputation management and many other options. The team utilizes various tools to assist with web search optimization, and provides result reporting on lead tracking and other strategies as part of the marketing package.

Some of the best methods for growing a practice are the personal ones—meet and greets, community events and face-to-face networking. Lippman Media provides support for these as well as represents practices at health fairs, coordinating seminars for patient education, referral programs, door-to-door marketing and event hosting. The personal involvement of the Lippman Media team is what makes them unique.
The team at Lippman Media includes: Glenda Monkarsh, CEO, with 12 years of experience in the marketing field from sales to management. Chloe Prestwich has six years of experience in digital media and SEO strategies. Jennifer Bailey offers a background in journalism and law, as well as 18 years of program management experience. Lippman Media has offices in Las Vegas and Northern California. The Lippman Media team coordinates with a host of other experts in web design, graphic design and online marketing to work with the clients and identify the best solutions to address their specific needs, on their budget.

Growing a legal or medical practice without help can be a challenge, and retaining marketing services can be expensive and frustrating. But with support from the expert team at Lippman Media it can be done personally and at the right price. If you are interested in contacting Lippman Media, visit lippmanmedia.com for more information.