Mark J. Bourassa Esq. is the founding member of The Bourassa Law Group, LLC. The firm has attorneys admitted in Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri and Florida with offices in Las Vegas and Denver.

The practice focuses on litigation and trial work in civil matters. Clients are represented in state and federal courts in consumer claims against abusive debt collectors, construction defect claims against negligent builders and personal injury matters.

Why did you decide to go into the field of law?
My career choice was guided by several years in the workforce between finishing college and starting law school. Many attorneys go straight from high school to an undergraduate degree to law school and then into practice. I didn’t follow that path. I spent four years between college and law school dealing with many of the experiences my clients struggle with today: holding down a job, paying the bills, trying to make some headway in life. My real-world experience of working in a number of areas, such as construction, sales and the food and beverage industry, gave me perspective about what folks go through on a day-by-day basis and helped me recognize the things that really matter in my life.

Why did you pick the areas you practice in?
There are so many different practice areas: corporate law, insurance law, real estate law, maritime law, constitutional law and the list goes on. Ultimately, my decision to attend law school was based on my desire to help people; I wanted to be someone’s hero, to help folks that are getting ground up by the system get the results that they deserve. After graduating from Pepperdine Law School and putting in years of work to make partner in an insurance defense law firm, I decided that I needed to change my career direction back toward helping people, not insurance companies. In 2007, I left my partnership and started The Bourassa Law Group.

How do you help your clients?
My firm focuses on helping people. Part of that is the recognition that most people can’t afford to pay the traditional hourly rates law firms charge. Accordingly, we have structured our practice around areas of law that we see a strong need for but that also permit us to offer services with little or no money out of pocket from our clients.

For example, we have a strong practice in personal injury law, including car accidents and other injuries. We take all of these cases on a contingency fee, meaning that we are paid in a portion of our clients’ recovery. If we do not resolve the case and recover funds, we don’t get paid and the client owes us nothing.

We also have a robust practice in what is known as fee shifting cases. In those cases, if we prevail in the case, the opposing side has to pay our attorney fees. Accordingly, we are also able to take these cases without ever charging our client a dime.

Some of the case types that qualify for fee shifting include employment discrimination, wage and hourly pay claims, civil rights claims and claims against collection agencies for abusive collection tactics. In those types of cases, the applicable laws state if we win, even if we only win $1, we get our full attorney fees from the bad guys.

Who are your inspirations?
My biggest inspirations are my sons, ages 2 and 4 years old. The blessings of children include an opportunity to relive your own childhood by watching them grow up. I am trying to raise my boys to be compassionate, thoughtful and hardworking. They challenge me, but there’s no better reward than time with my family.

The Bourassa Law Group, LLC
8668 Spring Mountain Road
Suite 101
Las Vegas, NV 89117


  1. Mr. Bourassa is a true professional of his craft and I would choose no other attorney to have in my corner over him. The saying speak softly but carry a big stick totally applies with Mr. Bourassa. From traffic tickets and small infractions to serious criminal and civil matters, I keep this phone number handy at all times!

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