By GinaRose Kimball

What would a new you look like?

As the New Year approaches, many realize that they did not accomplish many goals over the year and are another year older. While the advice of eating healthier, exercising regularly, sleeping more and reducing stress is a great place to start, it takes commitment and a lifestyle change to facilitate that change and improve looks. Clinical research over the last decade continues to show the connection between how people look and how they feel. If someone feels overweight and tired, of course being thinner and regularly exercising will help someone to feel better. But what about the face? People communicate with their face all the time. Everyone judges others’ faces and gets judged by how they look.

What can one do about their face? One can use makeup, jewelry, clothes and other accessories to enhance beauty and detract from flaws, but those are short-lived and will not cover up or improve forever. There are many procedures to help people look better. Laser treatments, body contouring treatments and injectable treatments can provide quick and sustainable results that enhance the look of faces. Science has shown over and over again that the better one looks, the better
they feel.

Is the cost, time and effort worth the benefit of looking and feeling better? Each and every person has to weigh the cost versus benefit for their individual situation. Many are not even aware of the treatments that could enhance how one looks and feels.

New Image is a full-service laser skin center with laser trained medical aestheticians, providing skin resurfacing, skin tightening, skin photo facials with IPL, body contouring treatments that shrink fat and simultaneously tighten skin, and virtually painless hair removal with the latest technology.

Science has shown over and over again that the better one looks, the better they feel.

Patients can look years younger with either laser treatments, injectable fillers for lips, cheeks and nasolabial folds, Botox® Cosmetic treatments for wrinkles or a combination of all. Surgery stretches skin to a thinner, more unnatural look, but laser actually produces more collagen to replace collagen lost through aging, providing a more natural, younger-looking skin.

Laser treatments range from mild effects requiring multiple treatments with no downtime or discomfort to partial or full skin resurfacing treatments requiring from 4 to 10 days of down time. There are Cutera lasers that can do laser Genesis to reduce pore size appearance, reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. Titan XL is used for deep tightening. Another great laser treatment is Cutera’s truSculpt and is used for body and facial contouring. The latest in laser hair removal is the excelHR and is excellent for the face and body. IPL is used for sun damaged skin and pigmentation correction. Pearl Fractional is good for partial skin resurfacing. The newest technology in laser resurfacing is the J-Plasma by Bovie and is used for a more aggressive skin resurfacing and deep tightening effect.

productsNew Image is your source for all things SkinCeuticals – Keep your skin young and healthy

As people age or lose weight, facial fat is lost, making people look tired and older with sagging facial skin. Fortunately, despite reality television shows displaying over-the-top injections and fillers for visual appeal effect, there are Allergan products such as JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC that can restore facial volume and give a more youthful appearance, which can last up to two years. Botox®, a purified protein derivative, not a systemic toxin, usually provides three to four months of facial muscle relaxation, producing a youthful appearance as well. Many people combine the injectable fillers with Botox® and laser treatments for a longer lasting effect.

Michael S. Mall, M.D. and friendsFor many, these treatments help them look better immediately and propel them into changing their lifestyle into a healthier one. With the holidays and New Year, plan to look better for all the pictures to be taken with family and friends. Here is to a new you. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Dr. Michael Mall is the medical director of New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center and is a Medical Concierge Doctor. He limits his medical practice to a maximum of 600 members, and his concierge patients benefit with 30-minute same- or next-day office appointments and 24/7 access to Dr. Mall’s personal cell number as well as the cell numbers of his medical assistants. Patients enjoy a full suite of laboratory screenings with a full-time in-house phlebotomist, so they will never have to leave his office. In addition, he offers a myriad of personalized programs such as age management, nutritional programs, hormone replacement programs for both men and women, weight loss programs and smoking cessation programs. He offers treatment for both acute and chronic medical conditions.

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