Let the Fun Begin

Grace 3 monthsLet me be the first to admit, the first few months of Grace’s life were exhausting and the biggest adjustment of our lives. Between sleepless nights and web searching for every imagined newborn ailment, I was a worried wreck. Now Grace is rounding out 6 months, sleeping 11 hours a night, healthy and in wonderment at most everything. Our friends are saying that this is where the fun starts. Just in time for family gatherings and the holiday season.

Hanukkah LeggingsYou are about to embark into our holiday and New Year issue. You’ll find holiday events, food and gift ideas for everyone, like a pair of Hanukkah leggings from Midrash Manicures (midrashmanicures.com/product/hanukkahleggings). Remember, the New Year is around the corner. We’ve got you covered in our New Year, New You department.

Careful thought about the content of this issue started in the summer with our team. Once again, our graphics crew exceeded our expectations with implementing a fresh new look sprinkled heavily throughout every article. Our website squad revamped WomanMagazine.Vegas with a new look that is more versatile for our readership and advertisers. In marketing and sales, Ruth Lauber and Kay Kolbo were out mingling at the best events all over town, nurturing relationships and bringing back the most brilliant ideas to our office. Finally, publishing this issue was a blast with our trusty editor-in-chief, Debbie Hall. Through all the deadline stress, we maintained a lighthearted attitude and got the job done.

Henry Ford, one of the leaders of teamwork, described it well: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success.” I am incredibly proud of the Las Vegas Woman magazine team and the accomplishments made in 2015.

To educate, entertain & inspire,
Tammy Grabel