Everyone needs water to survive. However, all water is not created equal, and Real Water is the only drinking water on the market that can maintain a stable negative ionization that is alkaline instead of acidic. With the arid climate of Southern Nevada, hydration is very important, and drinking Real Water allows the body to restore balance for a healthy lifestyle. After all, the body is comprised of over 70 percent water. But it is more than that.

How about juice, tea, coffee or soda? Nearly every beverage has water as its foundation. Since water is such an integral part of everyone’s life, it makes sense to incorporate the best water possible.

Most water and water-based products have common problems. First, the water has traveled through pipes, filtration devices and various systems that strip the electrons, leaving water that is positive ionized.

When water molecules are missing an electron (positive ionized), the molecules, which are two (2) hydrogen and one (1) oxygen, seek to replace the missing electron. They borrow an electron from each other, causing the water molecules to clump. Cells have difficulty absorbing such a large clumped molecule. It is possible to drink a lot of water and not properly hydrate. Most water is also very acidic. Many nutritionists believe that an acidic body environment is unhealthy. In contrast, Real Water is manufactured at an alkaline pH of 8.0. Other ionized waters produced with expensive machines will lose their negative ionization benefits within just two days. In contrast, Real Water maintains its negative ORP for six to nine months when bottled.

The Real Water brand is owned by Affinity Lifestyles.com Inc., a Nevada corporation based in Las Vegas. Brent Jones, president, and his wife, Aimee Jones, vice president of operations, have a diverse background that has contributed to the success of the company. Originally from California, they chose to open Real Water in Las Vegas due to its pro-business environment.

“Nearly every beverage has water as its foundation. Since water is such an integral part of everyone’s life, it makes sense to incorporate the best water possible.”

Brent Jones is an attorney who worked with startup companies, and when the dot-com crash occurred, he took over a company that sold nutritional products. “I was looking for a product that was good for people. I became reacquainted with the inventor who makes water with stable negative ions. I bought the exclusive rights to the proprietary process and have grown it,” he explained.

Real Water-7Along with being the president of the company, Brent Jones is a state assemblyman for the Southern Highlands area, District 35. With a recent tax increase, he wants to help make Nevada a more pro-business state to offer more opportunities and have the state flourish economically. He is also a licensed promoter with the Nevada Athletic Commission for Real MMA (mixed martial arts) featuring amateurs realmixmartialarts.com. He and his wife decided to start this business since so many of the UFC athletes were drinking Real Water and this was a fun way to promote the water.

As part of the community, Real Water donates product to numerous events and organizations including Make-A-Wish, New Vista, Candlelighters, Jus Run, Hope4Lives, BBSC Endurance Running, Arthritis Foundation and Hope for Prisoners, to name just a few.

Real Water is sold in ready-to-drink format with the main bottling facility located in Las Vegas. Packaged in recycled PET, BPA-free 500 mL, 1 liter and 1.5 liter plastic bottles and in a 750 mL glass bottle, the company is currently also developing a 1 gallon plastic bottle. In addition to the ready-to-drink format, Real Water is offered in a 5-gallon home delivery. Specialty packaging is also available with customized labels and coloring such as pink for the Susan G. Komen event. The water is sold in retail outlets such as Whole Foods.

For more information, visit drinkrealwater.com.