Perhaps nothing is more personal and important to women and their partners than the decision to start a family. When that goal becomes elusive, or if for one reason or another, pregnancy just doesn’t happen, it’s time to think about professional help. Dr. Eva Littman founded the Red Rock Fertility Center expressly to meet the medical and psychological needs of couples and individuals who reach this stage and desire to build a family. Because Dr. Littman and her staff understand so clearly what’s involved, her patients have the best possible chance of achieving a successful pregnancy and welcoming a healthy baby.

Dr. Eva Littman headshotDr. Littman’s background complements her choice of profession. She’s the daughter of a Southern small-town physician and grew up seeing the importance of treating each patient with dignity and care. To her father, his patients were family, and Dr. Littman carries this tradition forward in her practice. She is a graduate of Duke University Medical School, did her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Duke and then completed an infertility fellowship at Stanford University. During her distinguished career, she’s contributed significantly in her field, adding many innovations and best practices to treatment and training.

Today, she is one of Las Vegas Valley’s most trusted, knowledgeable, experienced and honored fertility experts. As the founder and practice director, she has successfully guided the center to produce exceptionally high first-cycle pregnancy success rates. In fact, Dr. Littman welcomes the opportunity of challenging cases, where the patient has less than a 5 percent chance of pregnancy. Because she has personally undergone some of the procedures involved in fertility treatment, she provides an outstanding level of empathy and as well as a high level of compassion for all of her patients. With three children of her own, Dr. Littman understands the deep desire of her patients to conceive and is committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Dr. Littman has created a fertility center that reflects her values and understands the physical and emotional stresses inherent in the treatment process. She has carefully structured the treatment and the business model to positively address all the factors that are crucial to achieving a successful pregnancy. The key idea is to always minimize and manage the level of stress to give each patient the best possible chance of success. Dr. Littman summarized her approach, “I’ve always related to the quote ‘The light on a candle is always brightest when it’s first lit.’ Here at RRFC, we strive to accomplish successful pregnancies the first time around, which keeps our patients’ hopes high and stress levels low. With this philosophy, we have been able to create over a 1000 pregnancies on the first attempt and to help our patients expand their families.”

The design of the clinic facilities and careful staff training further reflect Dr. Littman’s priorities. The facilities feel like a home with private treatment rooms and comfortable accommodations for consultations. The process is structured so that care, concern and support remain constant throughout the process. Treatment is split into two separate departments, one for new patients and diagnostics and the second for patients going through treatment. Staff to patient ratio is kept low to ensure a quality patient experience and to encourage dialogue between patient and staff.

Shannon McGrath headshotDue to the growth of Red Rock Fertility Center, it has expanded its staffing to include Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Shannon McGrath. McGrath has been working in the field of reproductive endocrinology for 14 years and brings experience and compassion to the practice. The clinic is also in the process of building a new facility to accommodate the increasing volume of patients while maintaining the boutique, private feel. By expanding the number of consultation rooms and ultrasound rooms, waiting is kept to a minimum. Staff training is consistent, with regular meetings and specialized training around specific fertility issues so that the staff can respond appropriately to patient questions and concerns.

Reducing stress and understanding the key linkages between mind, body and spirit are important factors in successful fertility treatment. However, the process will always be emotional and sometimes involves disappointments. Red Rock Fertility Center helps patients through these challenges by managing expectations and educating its patients beforehand. First, Dr. Littman and her staff make certain that each patient understands their treatment plan. Explanations begin at the beginning and allow plenty of time for questions and answers. Patients know what to expect and what time frame is likely to be involved. While the average treatment time for in vitro fertilization, or IVF, is about three months, this varies widely with individuals. The patient begins with a personal interview followed by an individual medical consultation. The required tests include an initial ultrasound and blood test for relevant hormone levels and pre-genetic testing, all of which give Dr. Littman a frame of reference to customize multiple treatment plans for each patient and help them decide upon the best treatment option.

Here at RRFC, we strive to accomplish successful pregnancies the first time around, which keeps our patients’ hopes high and stress levels low.

A big part of fertility treatment is technology. Dr. Littman is proud to be a true innovator in the treatment options she can offer to women and their partners. She has pioneered the use of many important refinements to IVF technology, which has enabled her to help many women previously unable to conceive. A good example is UltraIVF, a treatment package that includes PGS (preimplantation genetic screening), which increases success rates dramatically and enables many more women to become pregnant and deliver healthy babies by testing the chromosomes of each embryo prior to implantation. Red Rock Fertility Center was the first clinic in Southern Nevada to have a certified IVF clean room, an innovation that produces air that is 166,000 times more pure and clean than outside air. This environment is critical for producing high pregnancy success rates. RRFC also uses the latest Saturn Laser, which is invaluable for procedures on the embryos to minimize damage and reduce time outside of the incubators, also leading to increased success. Red Rock Fertility Center offers a full range of services to support conception and successful family formation, including intrauterine insemination, gestational carriers, egg donation and egg, embryo and sperm cryopreservation. The center provides access to many resources to support mental and physical health during the treatment process, such as massage therapy, acupuncture options and a personal and holistic care approach.

One of the things that families worry about is the financial part of treatment. Dr. Littman and her staff are firmly committed to full disclosure. Each patient and their partner are fully aware of costs ahead of time, which are outlined clearly and inclusive, with no hidden costs. Her staff spends time and due diligence to explore all possible insurance coverage and make sure that patients have accessible and reasonable payment options.

Dr. Littman is also cognizant of the needs of the partner. In fact, including partners is a priority for her. “One of the things I love is that I have both male and female patients. We make sure to include partners in every step along the way. They are able to sit in for every aspect, from education and questions to procedures like ultrasounds and checkups,” she commented, “Here at RRFC, we help heterosexual parents, homosexual parents, single parents–pretty much all people who are interested in building a family. We are building families here at Red Rock Fertility, and that’s the goal dearest to my heart.”

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