Helping your business grow

Las Vegas Woman magazine, Ruth Lauber has been a part of the magazine since the beginning. With an extensive background, Lauber will be writing a column about marketing for businesses beginning with the next issue.

Lauber continues her career of over 40 years in the broad spectrum of newspaper and magazine sales, marketing, events and new electronic media. She loves her work with Las Vegas Woman.

“This magazine has been a huge success from day one,” Lauber said. “Our mission has always been to educate, entertain and inspire every woman to be the best they can be, and I am proud to be a part of that goal.”

In the Doctors of the Desert fall issue, Lauber welcomes the opportunity to benefit the readers with “feature stories, articles and profiles about being and staying healthy. Since we all need medical professionals for health, I am glad our magazine features some of the best in Las Vegas.”

Lauber’s goal is to advise clients and prospective advertisers on how to create marketing and advertising that will help their businesses grow. “Together we help their dreams of success become a reality,” she said. “We have every marketing tool available to help any business expand and thrive. When they are successful, I am successful and our community continues to grow. I love helping people network and bringing all of us together.”

To explain what advertising is really all about, Lauber puts on a demonstration for potential clients. “I walk into a business and many will tell me that they don’t advertise. I will say to them that since they don’t advertise, I am taking all of their business cards and brochures and erasing their name off the door. When a business person protests, I tell them that they just told me they don’t advertise. I then ask what they think they are doing with literature and signage. When many answer it is promotion, I explain advertising is really promotion.”

The key is to really listen to the client and understand what they want to accomplish

It is a partnership and it is the client’s dreams that matter and making them come true.
She started her career as a proofreader and typesetter. “I was living in a very small town in Illinois, and that was the only job available,” she explained. “I was helping put my (then) husband through college, so I needed the work.” She discovered she loved the industry and worked in every aspect of print including typesetting, graphics, developing and processing film. Lauber worked her way up to production manager.

Her mentor pushed Lauber into sales, something she didn’t want to do at first. However, for the past 30 years, Lauber has excelled in her field and is grateful.

By way of Illinois, Nebraska, Arizona and California, Lauber would first settle in Laughlin, Nevada, and start a publication, Laughlin Entertainer, which is still in print today. She would finally make it to Las Vegas, first working for the Las Vegas Business Press before meeting and working for Tammy Grabel.

Lauber volunteers for the March of Dimes. Her granddaughter was born at a weight of 1 pound, 6 ounces and that organization really helped her. Today her granddaughter is 9 years old and very healthy.

“I want to thank all readers, advertisers and vendors who support the magazine and its events, and I look forward to continuing a healthy and happy working relationship.”