Offering science-based treatment for alcohol addiction

Opened in August 2014, Start Fresh Recovery United, a management services organization (MSO), manages the operations of the Las Vegas Start Fresh Recovery clinic. Start Fresh Recovery focuses exclusively on alcohol addiction offering a comprehensive, science-based program treating alcohol addiction as a chronic medical condition to be managed.

Bonnie Barnett is the CEO and a principle of Start Fresh Recovery United, LLC. “We offer a unique approach to recovery. Ours is a year-long, outpatient program using a non-addictive medication that stops or significantly reduces the cravings for alcohol,” she explained. “Along with the medication, our patients work one-on-one with a private, personal recovery coach, all of whom are certified drug and alcohol counselors.”

Raised in a small town in California, Barnett started in health care as a young working mother and had the opportunity to work in the business department of a hospital. She ultimately worked her way to a position as a hospital administrator. Barnett became involved with Start Fresh Recovery because her son’s father was an alcoholic, which was partly why the marriage ended. Sadly, he would die due to alcoholism.

“My son first became aware of Start Fresh Recovery through a friend of his who also owns an MSO that supports Start Fresh clinics.” At the time, Barnett was working as a health care consultant, and her son urged her to investigate Start Fresh Recovery clinics, which were expanding. She was offered the opportunity to open a clinic in Las Vegas with her partner. While it is not a franchise, all of the Start Fresh Recovery clinics are connected by its program which includes prescribing the FDA-approved medication naltrexone.

Barnett explained that there is a particular patient profile of those who will likely be most successful in the Start Fresh program. “This program is not for everyone,” Barnett stated. “Because treatment is outpatient and conducted in the context of our patients’ day-to-day lives, it is designed primarily for high-functioning adults who recognize their alcohol consumption is a threat to their health and an impairment to functioning at their full potential.”

A future activity for Start Fresh Recovery United is to open a clinic in Reno, as well as to implement a medical tourism program. Southern Nevada has become a medical treatment destination in recent years, and Barnett sees this as a perfect opportunity.

“We will encourage patients to come to Las Vegas for treatment because ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,’” she said. “People living in states without Start Fresh clinics who have the means to slip away for a short stay in Las Vegas can confidentially have the naltrexone implant procedure done while here and return home to continue their recovery. We then coordinate with their local recovery resources to continue their care following the Start Fresh Recovery program model.”

Bonnie Barnett, CEO and a principle of Start Fresh Recovery United, LLC.
Bonnie Barnett, CEO and a principle of Start Fresh Recovery United, LLC.
“It can be difficult for people to discern if they actually have a problem. It can creep up over time, and one day a person realizes they can no longer control their drinking. It is a progressive disease, so the sooner a person realizes they need help the better.” Barnett wants everyone to understand there is no shame in seeking treatment; it is a disease like many others that can be treated, controlled and managed. “I am very interested in providing education about alcohol addiction and its effects,” Barnett stated. “I love being a part of the work we do and helping people. I believe I have found my calling.”

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