By Tania Molina and Antoinette Modrok

The benefits of Pilates for those 50 or older are amazing; just ask Mick Jagger, Madonna, Sting or Jane Fonda. A strong and solid core is the nucleus of a healthy body, regardless of age. As we grow older, it becomes more and more important to concentrate on strengthening our core muscles to help support our spine. Equally as important is to strengthen the smaller muscle groups to take some of the strain away from the larger counterparts.

Symmetry In Motion: How Pilates Benefits Baby Boomers

Pilates offers a low impact but effective way to strengthen and tone muscles. Exercise is important for everyone, but aerobic exercise puts a lot of strain on the heart, lungs and joints, something that can hinder the older population. For men and women over 50, Pilates can be a good alternative—a low impact regime with huge benefits. Through Pilates, one learns to strengthen weak muscles and correct their posture. Even people who haven’t exercised for 50 years can achieve a degree of flexibility they have not enjoyed since their 20s.

Some of the problems we experience as we age include kyphosis (also called round back or hunchback), lordosis (commonly referred to as swayback or saddle back), lower back problems and frozen shoulder. By strengthening the muscle groups affected and increasing flexibility, Pilates can help relieve the pain that accompanies these ailments.

Even those who have already begun suffering from osteoporosis can benefit from practicing a modified Pilates routine. Pilates also helps to prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density. Keep in mind that it’s naturally important to check with your doctor first before starting something new.

Pilates exercises can be performed at any level of fitness, so it is good for beginners and then work to a more advanced level. The exercises are gentle; you will be comfortable performing them.

Some of the best benefits are the improvements to the joints. Neck, back and shoulder pains are alleviated when in a Pilates program. So if looking for a low impact workout that will improve body, mind and spirit, give Pilates a try. There are Pilates classes and studio’s available worldwide including Symmetry in Motion LV ( Aim for three Pilates workouts each week for a total body head-to-toe workout and enjoy a new Pilates body.

Certified Pilates Instructors and Wellness Advocates Tania Molina and Antoinette Modrok, have over 30 years of combined experience in the Pilates and wellness industry. They both trained at the renowned Body Arts and Science International in Costa Mesa, Calif. They are excited to share their knowledge of the fitness and wellness industry.