The Mazda SKYACTIV Engineering Difference

By Annie Sliman

When it comes to the technology behind driving performance, auto safety and environmental responsibility, Planet Mazda knows that women are quick to grasp and appreciate the very latest in today’s auto market. One new feature is Mazda’s revolutionary SKYACTIV system, which will soon be integrated into every vehicle that Mazda sells.

It is Mazda’s basic philosophy that if a car is not worth driving, it is not worth building. So, in its quest for better environmental performance, Mazda’s goal was to reduce fuel consumption and emissions without compromising driving performance. Along with achieving its clean air goals, Mazda was determined to improve the driver experience. This meant starting with an absolutely blank sheet of paper. From that point, Mazda engineered every major component of the automobile to work together in efficient harmony. The result is nothing short of revolutionary.

The Mazda SKYACTIV Engineering DifferenceSKYACTIV is a system of technologies, all of them proprietary to Mazda. The benefit to the consumer is simple and apparent to anyone test-driving a Mazda. These cars handle better, ride more smoothly and are safer to drive. The innovations start with the engine. From research, Mazda knows that most cars will continue to use gasoline or diesel fuel through the year 2020. Therefore, improving efficiency and lowering harmful emissions with current fuels is a Mazda priority. The SKYACTIV-G engine produces more power at the most frequently used speed ranges while significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Now that Mazda had designed such a revolutionary engine, it needed the ultimate transmission to get all that energy to the wheels. To do so, its engineers studied every modern transmission made and took the best features of each. Then, they went back to that blank piece of paper. Once the basic transmission was designed, the engineers added a brain in the form of an advanced control module. The result is the SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission. It shifts smoothly for steady acceleration and quickly for the connected feel of a manual transmission, while the control system delivers precision responsiveness and reliability.

The chassis design was the next step. With the SKYACTIV body and chassis, Mazda engineers were determined to get a more exhilarating driving feel while increasing crash safety performance. Of course, for fuel economy, reducing weight is an important goal. Through smarter engineering and better materials, Mazda was able to improve body rigidity by 30 percent, which results in better handling, and shed 220 pounds, which greatly improves crash safety performance. To give the driver the feeling of unity between car and driver, the suspension was redesigned for greater agility at low speeds and for more stability at high speeds.

Planet Mazda

All of this technology is important, but the design and look of a car is what really makes it fun and functional vehicle. Of course, every woman has different needs and wants for features in a car. Mazda has listened to the voices of its customers and offers a full product line to meet the expectations of even the most discriminating driver. Its models range from the budget-minded MAZDA2 hatchback to the sporty-yet-practical MAZDA CX-5 crossover to the gorgeous MAZDA3 sedan. Colors, interiors and available options mean Mazda has created a great car that is safe to drive and economical to operate.

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