sprinkle of loveChristina Ambubuyog, artist and founder of I Love Intuition, expresses herself through her art, coaching, teaching and speaking. Ambubuyog has always been painting and drawing, obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art and interactive multimedia from Columbia College Chicago and attended the Art Institute Chicago. Ambubuyog started her first business as a custom muralist and decorative painter for homes and businesses throughout Chicago, Tucson and Las Vegas. Artistically, she has exhibited at group and solo shows.

“I have always been passionate about art especially painting,” she said. “I want to use art to help people express themselves because I believe everyone is creative. I want people to explore their inner selves with this medium as well as have fun.” As a child, she began her art career using a bottle of correction fluid on her parents’ dresser.

 receptive to infinite wisdomShe will be hosting an expressive arts painting class with a downtown vibe of cocktails and creativity, Uncommon Canvas, at Commonwealth. Uncommon participants will be encouraged to create unique paintings expressing individual style, learn basic painting techniques and elevate imagination. Ambubuyog will be guiding students through a step-by-step interpretation and recreation of each week’s painting. However, she emphasized that there are no rules. If someone plaints a blue tree or other interpretive art that resonates with the guest, she wants everyone to have fun.

Each class includes everything needed to create a masterpiece including canvas, paint, brushes, aprons and expert instruction. No art experience is required and all skill levels are welcome. A one-of-a-kind dynamic live art installation will be demonstrated by six to eight local artists from Industry Supporting Industry Group. This could include a still life model or another creative surprise during the class.

As for cocktails, a complimentary Jameson Irish Mule will be offered, and Commonwealth’s specialty cocktail menu is available for additional purchase throughout the entire night. This series of Sunday night painting events will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Commonwealth (commonwealthlv.com), located at 525 E. Fremont St.

blue owlInspired by an art event she had previously held downtown, Ambubuyog wanted to offer one on Sunday night combining the edgy vibe of Commonwealth to add another element for creating art.

Along with art, Ambubuyog works with individuals to bridge creative expression and intuition to create lives of meaning, purpose and play. As a certified life coach, her training in intuitive development, energy healing and meditation adds a dimension to her work. Ambubuyog also guides her students to tap into their own personal creative style and artistic expression.

For over a decade, she has helped to develop creativity and intuition ranging from elementary students to professionals. Ambubuyog also works with organizations including United Way of Southern Nevada, International Coach Federation Southern Nevada, and Vistage International as well as participating as a speaker for TEDx FremontEastWomen.

christina ambubuyogAmbubuyog’s wants to provide opportunities for people to explore their creative power to enhance connection, inspiration, passion and play in all areas of life. For more information on Uncommon Canvas and other programs, visit iloveintuition.com/uncommon-canvas.