By Rev. Thabiti

Instant Transformation of our entire life can happen right now. From this moment forward we can enter into a new way of being alive that takes us far beyond anything we could ever imagine as possible. Instant Transformation is the result of Becoming Conscious.

An example is standing next to a small child who looks up at you, taps you on the leg and says, “You are standing on my foot.” Within a split second and faster than a knee jerk reaction, you have removed your foot, apologized and perhaps pick the kid up and give a big hug. What happened in this example is, we Became Conscious which simultaneously activated Instant Transformation which cause our foot to remove so quickly. It was our True Self that stepped in that caused us to remove our foot from standing on the child.

Most of our misery is self imposed (like stepping on our own foot) but we are not aware or conscious of it. Now is the time to become conscious of things we do to self-sabotage our own lives. This may cause us to become prisoners of erroneous beliefs that obstruct our ability to enjoy this wonderful and magnificent gift of life today. When we become conscious, our True Self takes over and perfect spontaneous right action naturally happens.

Here are examples of things we unconsciously do to cause our own misery. We say to this powerful and friendly Universe “I need money!” The Universe that always says yes to anything we affirm will always respond saying, “Yes you do,” which then co-creates with you a perpetual need for money. Why is this happening? It’s because we live in an “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” Universe so when we say, “I need money” our Soul or Subconscious hears us say, “I lack money.” We plant the seeds of lack within the soil of our soul and more lack is what we must get because the law is “As ye sow so shall ye reap.”

If you say, “I hate people who lie to me” then people who lie to you will keep showing up. Why? So that you can hate them, that’s why. Whenever we plant the seeds of hate within us then more things to hate is what we will continue to get.

Once we become conscious (like stepping on the child’s foot example) our True Self kicks in and life improves immediately.

Happy Blessings

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