What’s new in dentistry?
There are several things I have incorporated this year to make visiting the dentist more relaxed and pain-free. One is a technology that allows us to buffer our anesthetic so it matches the body’s PH. This takes away the sting that is often associated with a typical injection.

DrLaurei2I also offer NuCalm to help relax anxious patients. NuCalm uses stereo headphones, an herbal supplement and an electronic stimulus to put the patient in a meditative state. Not only is it great for dental appointments, NuCalm is also used with professional athletes to improve performance, help stimulate healing and decrease stress in the body.

T-scan is an incredible tool we use to test a patient’s bite forces. It uses a wafer that has sensors embedded in it, kind of like stepping on a foot sensor to see where pressure points are in your feet. It offers one a higher level of accuracy to find out whether a patient’s bite may be causing problems for the teeth, bone or jaw.

Another thing that is exciting and new is an appliance that is custom fitted to a patient’s jaw to eliminate snoring. It is called a Micro2 and was developed here at the institute. Most people feel that snoring is an annoyance but not a health issue. What we know is that many people who snore have underlying sleep apnea. For a patient who wants to treat their snoring, we offer a take-home screening device. It tracks the person’s sleep to see if an oral appliance could help them. Many patients who are CPAP-intolerant are also good candidates for an oral appliance.

What is a Personalized Dental Plan?
A Personalized Dental Plan is what a patient will leave with after their exam and consultation with me. It is like a roadmap to health. I give my patients the possibilities, then they tell me if and when they want to take care of the problem. I firmly believe that by uncovering potential problems and prioritizing these for my patients, it empowers them to make the best decisions. I want to encourage health instead of manage disease.

Coming to her practice, you will discover the cornerstone of what she calls “Dentistry that’s beyond Exceptional.” Dr. Laurie believes that creating your Personalized Dental Plan is a better approach and overall strategy for achieving your goals.

Providing dentistry that exceeds your expectations takes the proper state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. The standard dental X-ray film is no longer ideal, so she uses digital imagining, and this is only one of many specialized dental tests. Not only will you discover the overall health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints (TMJ), but she will also employ a specialized computer to analyze your bite. This data will be recorded in your Personalized Dental Plan.

Dr. Laurie will present your Personalized Dental Plan to you and discuss your options. She does not believe in making all-or-nothing recommendations. Your options will be thoroughly discussed, as she wants you to be an active participant. Your opinions and desires matter.
Dr. Laurie says that the patients who come to see her come from all walks of life. What they have in common is a desire to be healthy and keep their teeth for a lifetime. They also refer their friends and family because they have been treated with kindness and have been listened to, which is the core of Dr. Laurie’s practice.

Dr. Laurie’s Exceptional Dentistry
Laurie Bloch-Johnson, D.M.D.

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