cover-dentistAnother former patient and now staff member is Monica Gomez. She was 17 years old when she was fitted for braces by Dr. Victoria Chen. “She was so kind and supportive,” Gomez explained. “I loved the different colors of bands, and in two years I had a beautiful smile.” Gomez is now an orthodontic assistant at the practice and is considering advancing her career in dentistry.

Dr. Victoria Chen and Dr. Vinne Chen truly love their profession and encourage women to consider entering this field.

“You really make a change in people’s lives,” Dr. Victoria Chen said. “It is a great career for a woman. It allows you freedom and gives you satisfaction.

“The biggest satisfaction is when a patient thanks me and tells me they can’t believe their smile. Some even say they want to stay in the office, it is so warm and comfortable,” Dr. Victoria Chen said.

This is your health, and treatment is, many times, needed right now.

One such happy patient is 14-year-old Isabella King. Born with protruding front teeth, she was anxious to get braces to correct her teeth and give her a beautiful smile. At the age of 12, she went to Significance Dental Specialists and only had to wear braces for a year. Thrilled with the results, King especially liked the treatment she received. “Dr. [Victoria] Chen is such a sweet person,” King said. “I would go into the office and it is so welcoming. The staff knows your name and we all formed a real relationship.”

When a tooth hurts, it is important to have a warm and compassionate dentist and, according to Marjorie Husi, Dr. Vinne Chen helped her through a difficult time. Husi had had a root canal in the 1990s and then again seven years ago. In February, the tooth felt as if something was caught under the gum line and it was causing a toothache. After examining the tooth, Husi’s regular dentist recommended that she see Dr. Vinne Chen. Waiting to make an appointment after the weekend passed, it abscessed and became infected. Husi called on Monday in severe pain and she was told to come in immediately. “She [Dr. Vinne Chen] was very compassionate, caring and so patient. I was in awe of her.” It took minimal time to inject anesthesia and “Dr. Vinne was very nice, quick and fast and I am so grateful to her. She is the best.”

Significance Dental Specialists has four locations and in all the offices patients’ comfort comes first. Movies and Xbox Kinect are offered along with beverages. The entire team, including the dentists, cares. Patients become friends, especially with these two dentists.

The dentists have families of their own and the practice caters to families. It also offers:
• Cool Chops Kids Club: A special membership for children who are placed into an observation program. Children are monitored to see if and when they need braces.

• Significance Rewards Program: Offers a rewards card with the ability to earn points to redeem for special gift cards of your choice. For example, achieving a report card with A’s and B’s, keeping up with scheduled cleanings and other incentives can be offered.

• Monthly Patient Contests: Patients get to participate in contests with the opportunity to win fun prizes.

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