Secure America in cyber space

By Debbie Hall

Shannon Wilkinson and her husband Troy have teamed up with their special skills to protect businesses and fight the bad guys trolling cyber space. Opening Axiom Cyber Solutions, the startup business has already attracted big businesses such as Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino and continues to grow. In 2016, Axiom Cyber Solutions was selected as one of the top 10 firewall solutions by Enterprise Security magazine and the top 20 promising DDoS solutions by CIO Review magazine.

Creating and sustaining a profitable business model in an ever-changing industry is a challenge Wilkinson relishes as president of the company.

Raised in a small town close to Glacier Park in Montana, Wilkinson enjoyed a wonderful childhood while planning her future. She participated in JROTC in high school with a goal of getting a scholarship to attend college. In her senior year, she tore a ligament in her knee, lost her scholarship and wondered how she would go to college. Through her mother’s encouragement, Wilkinson discovered that the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offered a Western Undergraduate Exchange program and pursued her higher education at UNLV. Originally, her goal was to study law and become a lawyer and she was impressed with the criminal justice program at UNLV.

“We are working on making cyber security more intelligent. We built our automated threat protection platform to make cyber security easier for companies. We do everything to protect the company so the business can focus on what they do best, whether it be a restaurant, shop or school.”

“After my first year, I realized the legal field wasn’t for me. But I always worked with computers including programming and knew I really liked technology. I switched to computer science but wanted to incorporate business as well.”

Wilkinson obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and appreciates her decision. “This degree works with real life and applies technology to solve problems in business,” she stated.

As a testament to her abilities, she was hired by the United Nations after college graduation. During her senior year, Wilkinson flew to Kosovo over the Thanksgiving weekend for an interview and became part of the team of developers to build the recruitment system and sex trafficking database for the United Nations.

Wilkinson worked for 12 years in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations for the United Nations and met her husband while stationed in Kosovo. He worked for the U.S. State Department and served as part of the United Nations and European Union police force in Kosovo as well. He worked in IT with law enforcement including IT forensics, computer investigations, money laundering, organized crime and human trafficking.
“I met him through one of my best friends who asked if he could bring a colleague to lunch with us. We were friends for two years before we started dating,” Wilkinson said. “The friendship has been a great basis for our marriage. We really knew each other before we got married.”