By Rose Watson

ADD Hair and Makeup and Fashion Photographer Tim Hancock

Tim-HancockDidi Perez and Andeen Rose are the masterminds behind ADD Hair and Makeup. After teaming up in 2006, Rose and Perez have worked with a dazzling number of Hollywood stars, modeling agencies and magazines to create incredible looks for weddings, runways, photo shoots and more. Tim Hancock is a fashion photographer and creative director of DLXVRSN Media. He has done countless shoots of celebrities and red carpet events. ADD Hair and Makeup and Hancock are the go-to team for Las Vegas Woman magazine on various cover shoots and have a passion and talent for bringing the best composition together.

Las Vegas Woman: How did you first become inspired to enter your field?

4printADDHairandMakeup_photographySHANEONEAL-8615Andeen Rose: I actually didn’t have a clear inspiration, unlike Didi. I was a 25-year-old mother and I decided to start doing nails. I attended the College of Hair Design Career in Salem, Oregon. George Powell and Bob inspired me to do hair.

Didi Perez: When I was a child, I loved playing dress up. I always wanted to play salon. I grew up loving skin care and makeup. When I got older, I attended Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Los Angeles, and then I moved back to Las Vegas.

Tim Hancock: During my college days, when I was attending school for architecture, I first got interested in photography. At the time, I had a job at an art gallery. That gallery allowed me to use what I was learning at school, and I began picking up photography as they had me take pictures of their art and their jewelry eight hours a day for their catalog. Now I’ve been working in photography for 12 years.

LVW: What have your experiences been working with Tim, and Tim your experience working with ADD Hair and Makeup?

AR: I first met Tim for a shoot with Las Vegas Woman magazine. He does collaborate; it’s not just his way. At times, photographers own the set. They don’t want your input; you’re just there. Tim wants your input, and together you create this genius work of art. His energy and personality is lovely.

DP: I love Tim. Tim brings a great vibe to any photo shoot. He’s on trend and has great vision. It’s good to work with people with great vision because it turns into a symbiotic relationship. I have a vision, he has a vision, and when we collaborate it just turns out beautifully.

TH: Andeen and Didi are just a world-class hair and makeup team. They help me do my job even better. They are so professional.

LVW: What kind of experiences have you had with celebrities in your work?

AR: When you work with celebrities, at times you become friends with them, Mario and Courtney Lopez have become my friends. As well as Eva Longoria, she considers us her Las Vegas “glam squad.”

DP: Recently, I worked with Lionel Richie for his residency here with Planet Hollywood. That was an amazing experience, as far as working with such a legend. Just being there was amazing. Eva Longoria, of course, she’s great; she’s Eva! Mario and Courtney Lopez are fabulous.

TH: I do red carpet photography, so I’ve shot any celebrity that has come to Las Vegas, the Kardashians to Jennifer Lopez and on and on.

LVW: ADD Hair and Makeup, you were hired to style Seth Grabel and Tammy Shaw’s wedding ceremony on the Grammy Awards. Tell us about that experience.

AR: I met Tammy a long, long time ago at an event she hosted, and we grew into friends. Over the last four years, our friendship has blossomed. When Tammy asked us to be part of her magical day, she knew she could trust us with confidentiality.

DP: It was such an honor to be asked to do hair and makeup for them for the wedding. Being part of somebody’s special moment is simply wonderful. They are an amazing couple.

LVW: Tim Hancock, what goes into a photo shoot?

TH: When I shoot for a cover, I try to bring out the personality and character of the person we’re featuring and display them in a great light, as well as have a great photo. My company DLXVRSN Media is dedicated to that idea. We offer photography, web design, graphic design and branding. Our goal is to brand companies and bring them to life in the best way for that company.

ADD Hair & Makeup and Tim Hancock have both been influences in how Las Vegas sees its stars. From behind the scenes to in front of the camera to post-shoot editing, they create extraordinary art. Visit and to find out more.