Fall is a time of cooler temperatures to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and expansive desert landscape. Toast with Devotion Vodka, along with Constellation Catering, capturing the bright stars of the night with these fun drinks.

For a touch of the extraterritorial, this unique Fall Citrus Mule is out of this world with the smooth blend of Blood Orange Devotion Vodka.

Fall Citrus Mule

Devotion-241½ ounces Blood Orange Devotion Vodka
4 ounces ginger beer
1/6 ounce lime juice

Combine vodka and ginger beer in a copper mug or highball glass filled with ice. Add lime juice. Stir gently and garnish with a lemon slice.

Tasting Notes for Blood Orange Devotion Vodka
Aroma – Full-bodied scents of orange and citrus notes
Appearance – Exquisite pristine clarity
Texture – Consistently smooth and level
Palate – Well-balanced levels of sweetness, bitterness and citrus profiles
Finish – Smooth, flavorful and easy finish without harshness

Apples are synonymous with the fall season. Sagittarius, the archer of the zodiac, has shot an arrow through this crisp, delicious fruit to capture its goodness for the Vanilla Apple Cocktail.

Vanilla Apple Cocktail

1½ ounces Pure Devotion Vodka
4 ounces all-natural apple juice
1/6 ounce vanilla extract

Mix apple juice, vanilla and vodka in a shaker. Add ½ cup of ice, then give it a good shake. Sugar the rim of the glass, add ice and pour cocktail into glass.

Tasting Notes for Pure Devotion Vodka
Aroma – Subtle, clean, neutral aromatics
Appearance – Exquisite pristine clarity
Texture – Silky and velvety
Consistency palate – Advanced, smooth and level-balanced
Finish – Calm, refreshing finish like a fine chardonnay

Devotion Vodka is a sugar-free, gluten-free and 100 percent flavored 80-proof vodka that includes Black and Blue, Coconut, Blood Orange, Wild Cherry, Perfect Cosmo, Tiki Tea and original (known as Pure). Devotion Vodka is the only vodka allowed to put gluten free, no sugar added and no allergen on its label. To find retailers, visit devotionvodka.com.

Constellation Catering will bring the bar, the bartenders and the booze for celebrations of any size, whether indoor or outdoor. Its fully licensed bar staff will provide top-shelf service, specialty mixed cocktails and the grape varietals. In fact, it is one of the few caterers licensed for spirits as well as wine and beer. With “Constellation” in its name, an astrological twist can be added with “horoscope” drinks along with tarot card and palm readers, and provide guests with a Message From the Stars (its version of a fortune cookie) with every drink. Its coasters reveal the astrological wheel, and bartenders are trained to discuss everything under the sun, moon and stars. For a bar-ology experience, visit constellationcatering.com.