By Tania Molinal

Exercise has a number of amazing life changing benefits. Pilates can set the foundation for a healthy, happy sex life. Doing Pilates can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, tone the derriere, strengthen the core muscles, improve flexibility and intensify orgasms.

Pilates is a mind-body fitness regimen that requires focus and control of muscles in the body, and when it comes to sex, it is all about the mind-set. During Pilates, endorphins bathe the brain, washing away tension and ushering in positive thoughts, which lower cortisol levels and invoke a feeling of well-being. Pilates is especially beneficial for women, since it relieves stress and can clear the brain of clutter.

It also increases physical stamina. A key element to Pilates is muscle control. Joseph H. Pilates originally called his form of exercise contrology. The exercises are not done quickly. Control is the focus rather than speed. It’s not how fast the exercises are done; it is the technique that produces results. It is steady strength and stamina during sexual activity that allows for a longer, more intimate experience.
Pilates enables people to have a great sex life for decades. Sexual dysfunction in women in their later years is often due to a prolapsed uterus or bladder. Pilates focuses on the deep, unseen muscles of the abdomen and the pelvic floor, strengthening these muscles that support internal organs. This benefit, along with increased overall muscle strength, greater flexibility, healthy joints and greater self-confidence means that Pilates contributes to a great sex life well into the golden years.

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