Maria Keller, M.D., FACOG, is a board certified gynecologist who has practiced in Southern Nevada since 2003. She divides herself between two practices, GyneCare and LiveAgelessly.

The first in her family to go to a university, Dr. Keller attended the University of California at Los Angeles for her undergraduate degree, received her medical degree at the University of Illinois, and completed her residency training in OB/GYN at the Martin Luther King Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles.

“This was the one specialty of medicine where I could really help people resolve their health problems,” Dr. Keller explained. “In medical school a mentor told me I had to decide whether I wanted to heal with pills (medication) or steel (surgery). OB/GYN allowed me the ability to do both, however, as I have gained knowledge and expertise in understanding hormones, I find that I do not have to do surgery as often.”

Maria Keller, M.D.,Dr. Keller started to explore the benefits of bioidentical hormones in 2008 as some of her patients were doing much better on them than on the hormones she had prescribed to them. Soon after, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and she had questions about the hormone she was using. After prescribing synthetic hormone medications to her mother for years, Dr. Keller became concerned about the interaction of foreign synthetic hormones in the body and the possible link to cancer.

“I don’t want to blindly prescribe medications for a variety of symptoms brought on by hormone deficiency,” she said. “I was trained in residency to only ask two questions: ‘Are you having hot flashes?’ and ‘Do you have a uterus?’ ”

Hormonal decline can cause the symptoms that are treated by pharmaceutical drugs, but Dr. Keller found that often the side effects of the medications were worse than the symptoms, and the medications did not alleviate all of her patient’s symptoms. After taking her first course in bioidentical hormones and seeing her patients’ remarkable improvement on them, she was completely transformed as a physician. She began treating women with loss of sexual desire issues with testosterone and her medical practice was changed forever. LiveAgelessly was created as a concept of getting older, without feeling older, to live agelessly.

Dr. Keller is also very excited about her new addition to her practice, ThermiVa. This is a cosmetic non-surgical, non-hormonal procedure for vaginal rejuvenation with same-day results. ThermiVa improves collagen production in the vagina using radiofrequency. The benefits include significant improvement with vaginal dryness by improving vaginal lubrication, improvement of mild symptoms of urinary incontinence (leakage of urine), improved sensitivity inside the vagina making intercourse more pleasurable and improved strength of the pelvic floor, which makes the vagina tighter; it also helps improve the outward appearance of the vulva.

GyneCare is the new name of her gynecology practice and is currently accepting new patients. LiveAgelessly is an anti-aging clinic that treats hormonal decline with bioidentical hormones and vitamins and supplements in both women and men.

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