Dr. Edward Zimmerman of Las Vegas Laser & Lipo has created a culture of taking care of people as well as staying current with the newest methods and equipment. Las Vegas Laser & Lipo continues to introduce new techniques and technologies to its clients.

SculpSureLas Vegas Laser & Lipo became the first to offer the new Cynosure SculpSure for non-surgical, body contouring. Since acquiring the machine at the beginning of the year, the practice has performed over 500 procedures with SculpSure. Instead of freezing fat cells like CoolSculpting that the practice also offers, the cells are now heated to permanently kill them. This treatment takes only 25 minutes instead of the 60 minutes required to freeze fat cells and is more comfortable for the patient. According to Dr. Z (as he is called), the final results could be even more effective.

“The photons of light spread through the targeted tissue and give a smooth transition from the treated to the untreated zone,” Dr. Z explained. “The lasers are literally strapped flat to the treatment area, versus positioning an applicator where the tissue will be sucked up into the applicator for freezing. Most people are more comfortable with warmth than with cold. Twenty percent or more of the fat cells in the treatment area die and are absorbed by the body with each treatment to an area. This is like a noninvasive liposuction. Once the fat cells die, they’re gone for good.”

SculptraAnother innovation is injecting a tissue growth activator called Sculptra, off label, to enhance the buttocks and help the appearance of cellulite. Originally approved for treatment of HIV positive individuals with atrophy of the cheeks of the face, a variation is now used for the cheeks of the derriere. “It is great for those who would like to have some junk in the trunk,” Dr. Z explained. “It is an alternative to buttocks implants for patients who don’t have enough fat to shift to the area. The FDA granted Sculptra a two-year duration when injected in the face, but in the derriere, it could last even longer.”

The procedure is effective for those who have deflated buttocks due to time and heredity, and can be repeated for further inflation maintain enhancement. With Sculptra, the client will generate their own tissue and keep their figure for years.

PureGraftPureGraft technology advances the ability to safely use one’s own fat cells, harvested in Las Vegas Laser & Lipo’s nationally accredited, state licensed operating room, to increase volume, symmetry and contours in other areas. “We have been very successful over the past decade, utilizing a number of different technologies to clean and increasingly purify the fat, so it has more longevity and less inflammation during the healing phase. Fat grafting with your own fat can be used to naturally restore and enhance the breasts without the scars of traditional breast augmentation. Fat is great for contouring and enlarging the butt too,” he said.

It is great for those who would like to have some junk in the trunk.

How about breast reduction sans the traditional surgical scars or reduction mastepexy? Dr. Z performs twilight sedation, liposclupting for women looking to improve symmetry and reduce the size of their breasts. According to Dr. Z, the women seeking this treatment are usually older, “and don’t feel the need to be blessed with so much baggage on their shoulders. You can selectively sculpt the breast to decrease side boob while preserving the cleavage.” Dr. Z uses painless testing to determine the volume of each breast and enhance symmetry. Liposculpting is minimally invasive with small, hidden insertions sites. Nipple sensation can be improved using platelet-rich plasma from the patient to help to reinvigorate the sensation and vitality of the area.

Las Vegas Laser & Lipo continues to be at the forefront of liquid face-lifting. Dr. Z is one of the 50 practices in the world offering BellaDiamond injectors. Bellafill is the first and only FDA filler to be approved for five-year duration. New injection techniques have been developed to make it a better experience for the patient with less discomfort, swelling and bruising and more accuracy.

Las Vegas Laser & Lipo is also the first practice in Las Vegas to introduce and train other physicians to insert Polydioxanone (PDO) dissolvable sutures (threads) to smooth and re-drape skin anywhere on the body. This material has been used for decades to close tissue in surgery. The sutures are placed very similar to derma-fillers, so they are minimally invasive. Their effect lasts months, even a year, and can be enhanced or repeated as desired.

All of these procedures are done in the modern, clean, state-licensed, nationally accredited Las Vegas Laser & Lipo office and surgical facility, under local or light conscious sedation (twilight). General anesthesia is not required, and while there is recovery time, it is generally not as lengthy as in previous years.

Dr. Z teaches nationally and internationally with passion and vigor. He is an examiner for the American Board of Laser Surgery, a member of the board of trustees for the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a clinical faculty member of Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Along with a caring staff, Dr. Z is excited about the future of aesthetic medicine and delivering it with dedication and safety at Las Vegas Laser & Lipo.

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