Dr. Michael Mall is passionate about his concierge primary care medical practice and cosmetic New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center. His philosophy of providing the best service extends to his staff, who also feel the same about their clients. People respond to his ability to treat the entire person rather than just a part of them, with his special gift to be empathetic and compassionate, with a sense of objectivity to evaluate them. In fact, New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center and his concierge primary care medical practice celebrated 10 years in August with plans to expand the facility. There are other projects in the future as well, and the practice continues to grow.

“We build lasting relationships,” Dr. Mall said. “It is not just about coming in, get a service and leave. We establish a connection and create a relationship so we can take care of clients for the rest of their lives. My aestheticians are amazing. We have clients coming in since 2007, since they know and trust us. This is one of the most important aspects of my practice.” All of his staff treat everyone with kindness, respect and compassion and it is obvious they all enjoy being there.

Michael S. Mall, M.D.,Practicing concierge primary care, he sees no more than 600 total patients. Dr. Mall’s patients enjoy office visits that average 30 minutes in length so there is sufficient time to discuss the patient’s needs and make a plan of action. More importantly, the focus can be on preventative care, ensuring patients stay well with proper counseling regarding care from nutrition to activity. As for devoting himself to concierge primary care medical practice, “In order to provide very personalized care that truly made a difference to my patients’ care and health, I transitioned to a concierge model of care in 2006,” Dr. Mall explained. Concierge primary care medical is membership-based and is an affordable investment in a person’s health care.

“The cosmetic portion of my practice grew from my concierge patients feeling better, but also wanting to look better to match how they felt. That blossomed into a full-service practice where I became the medical director,” Dr. Mall said. It is not just about vanity. Scarring and other problems with the skin can make a person feel self-conscious and affect them dramatically in social settings. Even performers have troubled skin and with treatment can perform better professionally as well as enjoy a more active personal life.

He also believes in educating his patients on the various services and procedures offered. For example, a person does not come in for Botox, get stuck with a needle and leave. Along with informing the client about the effects of Botox, Dr. Mall establishes a rapport with that person. He wants to determine if this is the best approach for them, what else does the patient need and what other services can be offered to give the client the best experience possible with great results. “It is always about assessing the patient every time they come in. There are different procedures and treatments to keep people looking as good as possible,” he said.

A cutting-edge treatment is J-Plasma, much like a second-generation CO2 laser, which totally resurfaces the entire face. General anesthesia is not needed and there is no pain afterward. It is a face lift with skin resurfacing done at the same time. In many cases, it is almost “erasing” 20 years from a person’s face, even when the face is discolored and wrinkled, including drooping eyelids and forehead.

There is some downtime when a person has to remain in their home for seven to 10 days, the skin is pink and there is washing of the area several times a day. This is revolutionary because this is not surgery. In the past, a plastic surgeon would stretch the skin to make it look younger. However, this is brand-new skin growing with no color or brown spots or broken veins and is tight underneath the top layer. The results are amazing without the drawbacks of plastic surgery.

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center is one of the few full-service laser centers offering every category of laser treatments, including superficial treatment for brown spots, wrinkles and loose skin, and contouring body fat, including bra fat and love handles. Other treatments include hair removal, skin tightening, acne treatments, fractional resurfacing treatments, PRP/stem cell treatments, body contouring, fillers and Botox. The advantages of these modalities are not only convenience, but patients also experience little or no downtime. In some instances, laser treatments can be more cost-effective, too.

Most important, Dr. Mall and his staff are treated by their own equipment and procedures. “I practice what I preach. I have always tried the lasers on myself to truly experience how they work and how the treatment feels before, during and afterwards. I want my clients to know that if I offer it, I have tried it first,” he explained. “I want to earn and keep the trust of my patients. It is of utmost importance to me.”

With such a frenetic schedule, it is a necessity for Dr. Mall to keep himself in optimal shape. “I know that in order to coach my patients on lifestyle changes and optimizing their health and quality of life that I need to be that example and live that life in order to have an impact on them,” he said.

He finds that his patients who are part of his concierge primary care medical practice or clients who come to New Image really care about their health. Dr. Mall emphasizes that it is affordable for anyone who purchases a coffee every day or goes to the movies once a week. Good health care is an important asset as well as being an important part in a person’s quality of life. Dr. Mall is proud to be at the forefront of this medical trend and make a difference in people’s lives.

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