How does high blood pressure relate to cardiovascular disease? Do I need to worry about this as 29 years old who is active?

High blood pressure adds to the wear and tear of blood vessels, resulting in damage, setting the stage for inflammation and cholesterol plaque formation. This process increases the long-term risk of strokes and heart attacks, so early treatment can help reduce your risk. Treatment may involve dietary changes emphasizing low-salt intake, consistent aerobic exercise, smoking cessation and medications. I would recommend creating a treatment plan now that you could use for the rest of your life.

I wake up after extreme nightmares short of breath and my heart pumping extremely fast. Is this going to affect my heart in a bad way?

Jay Hsu, M.D. Cardiology
Jay Hsu, M.D. Cardiology
Extreme nightmares affect the body in the same way as stressful experiences like narrowly avoiding a car accident, getting into a heated argument, or even watching a very intense movie. Adrenalin may be released, and the heart and breathing mechanisms are activated. This generally is not a concern. However, a slightly different scenario of waking up with racing heartbeats with shortness of breath in the absence of nightmares may indicate a sleep issue, such as sleep apnea.