I’m almost 30, and I have no sex drive. Is this common?

Loss of sex drive in young women is unfortunately common. Loss of sexual desire is known as hypoactive sexual desire syndrome. One study of women ages 18 to 59 found that a percent reported that lack of interest in sex. In women, sexual problems are a combination of physical and mental factors. Common causes of HSDD include inter-personal relationship issues, medical problems, low testosterone and socio-cultural influences.

There are several potential treatment options that include relationship and other medical treatments. Work with your partner and healthcare provider in identifying ways to put the spark back into your love life.

As a 53-year-old female, what can I do to better manage my weight after losing my fast metabolism from my youth?

Lisa Lyons, M.D. Internal Medicine
Lisa Lyons, M.D. Internal Medicine
Weight management in women in their 50s can be very challenging. As we age, our metabolism does decrease. It is important to be evaluated by your primary care provider to make sure your hormones are in proper balance. Evaluate your diet. Be sure to avoid processed foods sugars and high amounts of saturated fats. It is important to eat enough calories as well. Eating too little can result in further weight gain. Adequate hydration must be maintained. Physical activity should be done most days and should include cardiovascular exercise as well as weight training. Working together with your provider, you can help boost your metabolism and improve your overall health.