What options do I have to prevent my pre-diabetes from progressing?

Paul Tomasic, M.D.
Paul Tomasic, M.D.
For a patient that has pre-diabetes, the best measure to prevent progression is lifestyle intervention. Enrolling in a formal Diabetes Prevention Program has been scientifically shown to have the best success. The DPP incorporates healthy eating with a goal of weight loss and exercise to prevent pre-diabetes progression to diabetes. If one cannot enroll in a formal 16-week program, obtaining pre-diabetes education from a nutritionist, achieving weight loss and incorporating regular exercise can still be beneficial. Some physicians will consider prescribing diabetic medications such as metformin to a patient with pre-diabetes, but this has not been shown to be as effective as the formal DPP.

If I have type 1 diabetes, what is the likelihood I would pass that to my children?

Family members of diabetic patients with type 1 diabetes are at increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes over their lifetimes. A mother with type 1 diabetes has a 3 percent chance of passing the disease to a child. A child whose father has type 1 diabetes has a 6 percent chance of developing the disease.