Answers to Questions All Women Want To Know, But Are Too Afraid To Ask

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Paul Tomasic, M.D.Paul Tomasic, M.D.
FAQs: What options do I have to prevent my pre-diabetes from progressing?
FAQ: If I have type 1 diabetes, what is the likelihood I would pass that to my children?

Teresa Charniga, M.D., Primary Care Teresa Charniga, M.D., Primary Care
FAQs: My daughter is 14 and thinks she is too old to see a pediatrician. Can I bring her to a primary care doctor?
FAQ: What is the difference between the common cold and the flu?
FAQ: What diseases am I at a higher risk for around the age of 50?

Stephen Montoya, M.D., OB/GYNStephen Montoya, M.D., OB/GYN
FAQ:What are the causes of an abnormal pap smear?
FAQ: How can I prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)?

Yarini Quezada, M.D. UrogynecologyYarini Quezada, M.D. Urogynecology
FAQ: What are the early signs of a prolapsed bladder?
FAQ: Are there any options for vaginal atrophy?
FAQ: How effective are Kegel exercises for my pelvic floor?
FAQ: What causes urinary incontinence?

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