Answers to Questions All Women Want To Know, But Are Too Afraid To Ask

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Joana Folayan, M.D. OBGYNJoana Folayan, M.D. OBGYN
What forms of birth control are most efficient and convenient to use as a 22 year old?

Jay Hsu, M.D. Cardiology Jay Hsu, M.D. Cardiology
FAQs: How does high blood pressure relate to cardiovascular disease? Do I need to worry about this as 29 years old who is active?

Lisa Lyons, M.D. Internal Medicinestrong>Lisa Lyons, M.D. Internal Medicine
FAQs: I’m almost 30, and I have no sex drive. Is this common?

Yarini Quezada, M.D. UrogynecologyYarini Quezada, M.D. Urogynecology
FAQs: I leak a little every time I run, sneeze or laugh. How can this be possible and what do I do?

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