Eccoci at Boca Park

Ecco at Boca ParkAt Eccoci at Boca Park, great style tells a story—it just doesn’t happen. Great style is about making emotional connections with everything and everyone in your professional life, following dreams, caring for friends and family and, yes, that favorite little black dress. Eccoci at Boca Park and its personal fashion consultants have been helping women for over eight years connect and tell their stories of success, family, fun and the sheer pleasure of looking and feeling beautiful.

Eccoci at Boca Park features the fashion collections of Carlisle, Per Se and Etcetera, the leading manufacturers in women’s fashion for over 30 years. They create looks that are as sharp and chic, confident and feminine as the women who wear them. “We are dedicated to finding your personal style that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Whether you own your own business, run a corporation, need a look for your next gala, backyard barbecue or that next vacation, we will find you that perfect look,” stated Janice Wilson, manager of Eccoci at Boca Park.

Eccoci at Boca ParkThe minute a woman walks through the doors, a professional stylist dedicated to serving her fashion needs and making her feel fabulous greets her. Eccoci at Boca Park has a motto that says, “You’ve got to love it!” It’s easy to love their collections because the fabrics are from Europe and inspired by their great fashion designers. The designs, cuts and colors in each collection work together in creating different looks and, from season to season, the color palettes intertwine. Since both the company and designers have been working together for 30 years, a piece purchased 10 years ago can be updated for today’s look. The fashions are timeless.

Great style creates a dialogue and all of the stylists love working with their clients to create fashion memories that tell amazing stories. Women that wear these clothes say they feel richer, thinner, taller, more successful and beautiful.

Eccoci at Boca Park is one of the premier fashion retailers and in addition to personal service, European chic designer clothing and timeless styles, they always offer 50 to 75 percent off retail pricing.

With Las Vegas temperatures rising to the triple digits, women are guaranteed to look cool, crisp and classy in all of its fashions. Tell your personal story of success and beauty with Eccoci at Boca Park.

Boca Park
750 S. Rampart Blvd.
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