Inna Gadda di Pizza is located in Pawn Plaza as part of the Pawn Stars’ complex including the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. The same person who created the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Pizza Shop with no name, referred to by its loyal fans as Secret Pizza, created Inna Gadda di Pizza. The restaurant, designed like a New York subway, will offers a selection of classic New York-style pizza available by the slice or whole, salads and desserts made with fresh ingredients, and a New York attitude.

Specialty 18-inch pie includes all meat, veggie, meatball ricotta and ricotta, tomatoes and pesto. Boylan Natural Cane Sugar Soda and desserts are also offered.

Inna Gadda di Pizza
Pawn Plaza
725 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89101