Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

In business, making investments is what makes or breaks a company. Strategically investing in time and resources could make your business—or your career—wildly successful, and not doing so could result in getting left behind. This includes investing in you. Investing your time to learn a new skill, continue your education or embrace a trending technological advance is essential to personal and business growth.

An investment in you starts with learning a new skill. Whether you are trying to get a handle on new technologies and apps or become proficient in Excel, you have to dedicate yourself to mastering new skills. Practice makes perfect, and learning new skills should become habitual. Crafting a structured routine for learning a new skill and subsequently sticking to that routine will ultimately keep your professional skills timely and fresh.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your business and the business world, the better.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your business and the business world, the better. Continuing your education will put you and your business in a great position to stay up-to-date on business trends and be prepared for new challenges you might face. Enrolling in a business class to learn more about marketing, financial management tips or risk management, as examples, will ultimately give you the essential information you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Embracing technological advances is another great way to invest in you. Social media has become a staple in the modern age. It is essential for businesses to interact with customers online. Tried and true social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for businesses to promote their brand, engage with shoppers and tailor their business to customers’ needs. Investing the time to understand these platforms and discover new ones, like Periscope and Pinterest, will help give your brand a distinct voice and attract more followers to your brand.

At the Las Vegas Metro Chamber, we know your time is precious. Investing in learning a new skill, continuing your education or grasping a new social media platform could seem quite overwhelming and time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. The Metro Chamber has affordable ways to help. The Metro Chamber offers a variety of programs that can help you invest in the skills and resources you need to succeed in business.

One of those resources is Chamber University, a free, interactive web series aimed at highlighting the business skills and resources members need to grow their business. Every week a new skill or business topic is featured so our members can access new skills and need-to-know information. The spring semester is jam-packed with topics including building a better website for your small business and the certifications you need to become a woman-owned or minority-owned business.

Investing in yourself also means creating new opportunities for you and your business. The federal government spends approximately $500 billion every year contracting for products and services, and 23 percent of those dollars must be awarded to small businesses. The Metro Chamber is dedicated to connecting members with more opportunities to do business with government and the military. The chamber will be offering a new procurement workshop series where small business owners are able to learn first-hand from procurement specialists on how they can position their businesses to win these contracts.

An investment in the Metro Chamber is an investment in you, as well as your business. Possessing a broad array of skills, continuing your education and staying up-to-date on technological advances will give you the extra edge you need to run a successful business. For more information, visit