By Rev. Thabiti

All throughout Nature there is healing that is happening, which is the result of the Law of Correction. The Law of Correction restores balance everywhere and improves how everything is working. People wear corrective lenses for vision correction and hearing aids for improved hearing. There are hospitals and repair shops for the same reason. However, if we get injured, Mother Nature starts the healing process without any needed instructions from us.

In the business economy a trend up or down, known as a market correction, is suddenly interrupted by a temporary or spontaneous force that is adverse to the trend. If we need money, we will do something to correct it, such as find a job, sell a product or service, or borrow.

Electronic measuring equipment such as meters and oscilloscopes need to be calibrated regularly, which means to adjust to precision. Nearly all operating software programs require updates, which is the same thing as a calibration. Many of us use cell phones that require updates. We even update each other.

There may be times when we think we made the wrong decision or times when we think that we are falling behind or running late. This would be a good time to realize that every planet is exactly where it is supposed to be at the exact time it is supposed to be there. We are given a daily sunrise, which is never late, which proves a perfect order, governing things, and we are part of it.

Sometimes, when you thought you made the wrong turn, look what happened. It slowed you down so that you are on time for an experience you will enjoy so much that you would not have wanted to miss it for the whole world. The next time you think you made the wrong turn or missed your exit on the freeway, just remember that it is not a mistake, but a calibration update to keep you on time within the perfect timing that is happening right now as your life.

Happy Blessings

Reverend Thabiti
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