Advocate of the Arts

Photo of Jacie Urquidi-MaynardWhen delving into the Las Vegas art scene, one name comes up again and again: Jacie Urquidi-Maynard. She is everywhere from the 18b district to the statewide art organizations and throughout Southern Nevada. As a near lifelong resident, Urquidi-Maynard calls the Las Vegas Valley her home with beloved husband, companion and renowned artist Lincoln Maynard, so it is no surprise that art flows through every fiber of her being.

This year marks the 40-year anniversary of the Nevada Arts Advocates, where Urquidi-Maynard has been elected president alongside Executive Director Angie Wallin. This tireless group of volunteers advocate on behalf of the Arts in Nevada on local levels as well as on state levels through their legislative caucus. The NAA has included community leaders such as NAA Ambassador for the Arts Clint Holmes, Dr. Raymond D. Rawson, Randy Soard, Eileen Hayes, Senator Mark Manendo and Thalia Dondero. Among their goals is community enrichment through the arts but also for greater economic opportunity for the arts in Nevada. Urquidi-Maynard has been doing this her entire life, so this honor is seamless to her effervescent résumé of advocacy in the arts.

artUrquidi-Maynard’s earliest years were spent in Santa Barbara, California, but her musician father and artist mother relocated their primary home to Las Vegas when she was 6 years old. Having such eclectic parents, she grew up literally between two states since her father played the music circuit with the popular Peter and Hank Duo. The circuit ran between Santa Barbara, Marina Del Rey, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas, so never staying very long in one location was the norm for their family, although the family remained rooted in Las Vegas.

Urquidi-Maynard’s mother, an artist and singer, believed that it was important to save our beautiful planet and recycled everything before it became in vogue. This included everything, including paper, art supplies, clothing and anything else that could be repurposed. Urquidi-Maynard attributes her present day love of creative thinking outside the box to her mother’s upbringing.

The family was surrounded by art and artists in music, theater, dance and performing arts, and no family vacation was complete without a variety of museum and gallery stops along the way. To help her cultivate a sense of culture, Urquidi-Maynard began playing violin, piano, classical guitar and percussion before graduating from elementary school. In junior high school, she delved into the world of textiles and her constant companions were her sewing machine, camera, drawing pad and a box of paints.

She attended Valley High School and the theater was beckoning her with its siren song. This environment is where she gained practical knowledge of both the stage and behind the scenes in the world of the performing arts. Her passions artistically also lie in contemporary art as well as in the old masters. “I love to sit quietly and study each piece. I find intrigue in the details of each piece. I admire that,” Urquidi-Maynard said.

Then it happened. She met the love of her life, Lincoln Maynard. He’s a contemporary artist with an appetite for stage productions, and she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Together they raised two wonderfully talented sons and have always loved life.

As her journey continued, Urquidi-Maynard became a radio account executive at KMZQ 100 FM, then KITT/KRAM radio (which later became KKLZ 96.3 FM) and then returned to KMZQ/KLASSY 100 FM. Urquidi-Maynard left radio to start an interior-plant-scaping business that thrived for seven years providing service to Del Webb Corp., Four Queens Hotel, Alexis Park and Boulevard Mall. Eventually, she sold her business and ventured into real estate.

Urquidi-Maynard has always been a supporter of her community, and along the way she has held offices such as Vice President of Women in Communication, Vice Chairman of Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada and President of the Robert E. Lake PTA for several terms. “I was taught to be an independent thinker and to believe that with a true passion for any cause, that I could do anything.”

In 2001 she became involved with the Contemporary Arts Center known as the Contemporary Arts Collective, a nonprofit 501(c)3, volunteer-run arts organization with a mission to develop and provide a central venue for artists and the general community to learn, network, share and experience all varieties of artistic and cultural expression. Urquidi-Maynard was president for four terms and vice president for one. “When I finished my tenure we had 600 members. You don’t have to be an artist to support it, just a patron of the arts,” she said. In 2014 she became the vice president of the Las Vegas Artists Guild, a position that she currently holds while building a community presence for artists.

Urquidi-Maynard continues to document the world around her through the lens of her camera, while representing her husband’s artwork at the Wonderland Gallery, located in the Arts Factory, owned and operated by Katz Tatz and Lynne Adamson Adrian. At this gallery, she also had an opportunity to feature her personal body of work. Along with her family and her new position with Nevada Arts Advocates, Urquidi-Maynard will forever continue to advocate, grow and support the arts in Nevada.