By Rick Nelson

When one thinks of the term “all-wheel drive,” many people will immediately think of an off-road vehicle battling extreme off-road conditions. While this is a reasonable conclusion in many cases, the vast majority of vehicles that have all-wheel drive systems use it more often on-road than one would think.

Jaguar XJ

The reason is that when road conditions change, the vehicle should be up to the task to change as well. Most vehicles can adapt to basic road condition changes but Jaguar takes it a lot further. The Jaguar XJ Sedan offers its patented continuously variable and unique Instinctive All Wheel Drive system. This senses driver inputs, vehicle speed, steering angle and braking to maximize traction and driver control. For even more performance, the system is rear-wheel drive biased, keeping the feel of true sports sedan handling in everyday normal road conditions.

Whether going to the desert in the morning or to the slopes in the afternoon, Jaguar features comfort, confidence and safety. Come test drive one today at Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas located at 5255 W. Sahara Ave. For more information, visit

Jaguar XJ