Jennifer Wagner Certified Nurse Midwife
Jennifer Wagner
Certified Nurse Midwife

Do you have to be pregnant to seek care from a midwife?

No, pregnancy is just one reason to see a midwife. A midwife can also see women for gynecological needs such as pap smears, vaginal infections, pelvic pain, breast concerns, contraception, STD testing and other concerns.

How does a midwife differ from a traditional OB-GYN?

Midwives differ from OB-GYNs in their approach to providing care. With nursing as a background, midwives approach healthcare holistically, recognizing that there is more to health than disease processes. Midwives also focus on educating patients so they can make informed decisions about their health.

Can a midwife see adolescents for gynecological needs?

Yes, midwives can care for adolescents for their gynecological needs including, but not limited to, birth control appointments, STD testing, pelvic pain or irregular periods.