One of my most favorite times is the season of the New Year. I’m one of those that watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from my home and I don’t drink. I must be sounding pretty dull to some of you. On the contrary! I choose to lay low because I want my mind clear and feel good on New Year’s Day. It’s like jump starting my intentions for the year. Jan. 1 is a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless, I truly believe that. That’s why I am a firm believer of the ever-popular vision board.

I always create a vision board for the year. Nothing fancy, just a doc created on my laptop and printed out. I tape it to my bathroom vanity mirror for a daily reminder and off we go.

10 Ideas for Your Vision Board
1. Lose ___ pounds by ___/____/____.
2. Have $______ in my savings account by ____/____/____.
3. Travel to an exotic destination (Northern Lights in Alaska, eat exotic foods in Asia, sail the Caribbean).
4. Increase the quality of family time by turning off cell phone in evenings.
5. Remodel the house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom).
6. Start a new business or add another product or service to your existing business.
7. Clean up eating habits (i.e. green juice every morning, stop drinking soda, eat a salad every day, no processed foods, only fresh produce.)
8. Earn a promotion/management position at work.
9. Donation of 10 percent or _____ hours to charitable organizations.
10. Baby Boy!

Remember, intentions worth accomplishing will take hard work, dedication and faith. Take for instance our daughter. She was on my vision board three years ago as “Baby Girl.” I didn’t know how it would be possible to have a baby due to personal fertility issues. After receiving fertility treatments at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, our sweetest vision on our board came true, Grace Grabel was born.

Keep in mind that balance is the key; be mindful of your personal well-being. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous and astonishingly good year!

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