By Andeen Rose-Clark

Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, owners of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, California, are stylists to Hollywood’s elite crowd

Las Vegas Woman magazine: How did you get into this industry?

Nikki Lee: I thought I wanted to be a dental hygienist but after observing I found it was disgusting. At the same time, my brother’s girlfriend was in cosmetology school and I was in college, not loving it. I liked styling hair and I put myself through cosmetology school in Reno, Nevada.

with steven tylerRiawna Capri: At 16, I was a receptionist in a salon, and I thought I could do that too. For Christmas I asked my dad for scissors and clippers. I began cutting hair in the garage for $5. After high school, I went to college for two years for a business degree and then I went to cosmetology school in Las Vegas.

LVW: How did you end up at Ken Paves Salon?

Lee: We got certified in Great Length extensions and our first celebrity client was Nelly Furtado. When Great Length’s president found out we did Nelly, he asked us to do Brittany Murphy. Brittany told us that, “my friend Kenny just opened a salon and you have to work for him.” We told her we were happy, but she insisted we meet Kenny so we drove with her to Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills, California. We were stunned when we learned that Kenny is Ken Paves. He asked us to come work with him and said to us, “if you can tackle Brittany, you can tackle anybody.” We worked with him for three years.

image4-3LVW: How did the Nine Zero One come about?

Lee: When Riawna’s client took them to look for space, the one thing they did not want was an existing salon. But, when they walked into what is now Nine Zero One, they knew it was the right choice.

Capri: One of Nikki’s clients told her that her husband was looking to invest in a salon. We looked at spaces, walked into the one we are in, fell in love and after months of negotiating the lease, we came to an agreement. Then the day before, the investor dropped out. Nikki asked how much money was in my account; we combined our money, opened three credit cards and created Nine Zero One Salon.

LVW: What is your partnership like?

Capri: Opening the salon, we thought we each had to do everything together. After two years into it, we were burned out and then realized it was better to let each other do what they do best That changed our game and our friendship grew stronger.

Lee: What is most important, our friendship comes first. We truly care about each other, love each other, our health and happiness is important, and we balance each other.

LVW: What is your favorite product or tool?

Lee: I love Evo She Bangs, because it can be used on short or long hair. This one is awesome! We had a curling iron that we loved, but it was discontinued, so we are creating our own Nine Zero One curling iron to be released shortly.

LVW: We recently saw Riawna in the locker room of the Green Bay Packers, wearing David Bakhtiari’s #69 jersey?

Capri: I cut his hair and he gave me tour of his entire office the day before the game and the next day got to experience it with thousands of people. The energy is incredible.

LVW: Your celebrity list is amazing and recently Steven Tyler came into your salon. Tell us about that.

Capri: He is just awesome. He asks inquisitive questions and he is so smart. It is always a great day when he comes in.

LVW: What is the one thing you want people to know about you?

Capri: I always want to make people laugh.

Lee: Riawna wants people to think she is funny, but really, I am the funny one. We can argue back and forth who’s funnier, but my humor is funnier.

LVW: What else do you want the readers to know about you?

Lee: I think the main thing for us is we just want to inspire people and say just go for it. We did not come from money, we did not have an investor, we are still climbing the mountain, and we love what we do. Live your life, and try something new.

Nine Zero One Salon is working on Beauty Coach Television. They have created quality education online on a weekly basis. The response has been tremendous. The education is quality at an affordable price and there are on hand demonstrations. BCTV offers programs on a weekly basis at

They are also offering Raindrops Shower filter to create clean water in the shower. They give a portion of their money to, a nonprofit organization bringing clean safe drinking water to people in developing countries with 100 hundred percent of all public donations directly fund the water projects. It can be purchased at

Their celebrity client list includes Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, John Stamos, Steven Tyler, Sarah Hyland, Nina Dobrev, Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato.

As their website states: “We Believe People Go To Salons To Look A Certain Way. People Go To Nine Zero One To Feel A Certain Way.”

Andeen Rose-Clark headshotAndeen Rose-Clark is a celebrity hairstylist, as well as the owner/operator of ADD Hair & Make Up. Her credits have been seen on television, in national publications and featured on red carpets around the world. Her goal is to create the ultimate beauty experience, and with her exceptional skills, she can make any vision or dream possible.