Brett Freedman: Behind the Beauty Artist

By Andeen Rose-Clark

BrettMirrorBWBrett Freedman is a makeup artist whose main client is Reba McEntire. Being in business with her is at the top of his priority list. In September, they will be promoting McEntire’s cosmetics line, Reba Beauty, on HSN and launching a brand-new item, a blush called Glow and Go. They started small with three lipsticks and have slowly grown from there. The products, which received 5-star ratings from customers, flew off the shelf.

He was in Vegas throughout the summer, pulling double duty glamming Reba for her Caesar’s residency and Britney Spears across the street at Planet Hollywood. He is now with Lisa Kudrow helping her promote her appearance in the movie “Neighbors 2” with Seth Rogan. Freedman has also worked with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Amy Poehler, Kudrow, Taylor Swift, Sarah Silverman and Katy Perry for over 10 years.

BrettWorkingOnRebaOn his own, he has created a new product, Brett Brows, now available at Sephora, other specialty shops and online (

Las Vegas Woman magazine: How did Brett Brows come about?

Brett Freedman: In my twenties I worked with a makeup artist that said I needed to learn to do brows. His insight was that not a lot of makeup artists do brows and it would be my point of difference. I agreed to let him do mine. Just a light ‘boy cleanup’ brow, and I was a convert! Later, when I had deals with everyone from Revlon to Pantene, I paid attention. Learning what it took create products and promote them. 

LVW: When did you first develop an interest in makeup?

BF: Growing up in Pittsburgh suburbia, I would do ‘Glamour Shot’ style shoots in my basement. Under more makeup than Joan Collins, my school gal pals were transformed. My sister would quip “I’m the only girl in town that asks her brother for makeup advice.”

LVW: Tell me about your experience with the Reba, Brooks & Dunn residency in Las Vegas.

BF: It seems serendipitous that I’m working here. Every couple of years growing up, our parents would bring us to Las Vegas, and so it seemed natural. It’s fantastic. Living in Caesars Palace is like living in a mall with everything just steps away. We have fun!

LVW: How did you meet and begin to work for Reba?

BF: Reba and I met in 2002 on the set of a cover shoot for TV Guide magazine. Reba, Julie Bowen and Chris Maloney were being featured. Looking back, I can’t believe she asked me back. I was in a very minimal makeup phase. Reba looked like a 12 year old on the cover. Pretty, but lacked her signature glamour.

LVW: Who is your biggest inspiration?

BF: My father, Jess Freedman. He was an artist and even attended art school, but it never came to fruition. But he made work fun and people really liked him. My dad had the classic motto, “Work hard and play harder.” He instilled that in me.

LVW: What is your most treasured possession?

BF: The 1980s Revlon Book how-to book, “The Art of Beauty.”

LVW: What is your newest product in your eyebrow line?

BF: Laser Brow. It’s a cool-toned taupe pencil that is a makeup artist’s secret weapon. The low wax, high-pigmented formula provides a natural finish with long wear, and it comes with its own custom sharpener. Sarah Silverman loves the definition it gives.

LVW: What is the one thing you always do on a job?

BF: I always ask the actress or celebrity, “What don’t you like?” It becomes collaboration and together we create art. I always learn from my guests, since they know what they want to see. I do offer suggestions to enhance their look.

LVW: What are some fun things to know about you?

BF: I collect vintage makeup and love to hit the antiques shops. I don’t buy items all the time, but it inspires me and it’s fun.

LVW: What words of inspiration would you share with younger artists?

BF: Early in my career when I worked on models, they just sat there and never said a word. I knew the look and executed it. When I started to work with actresses and celebrities, they had input and my reaction was, “Oh, wow, the mannequins talk.” I knew I needed to pay attention. So listen and learn, truly hear what they are saying, even when there are no words. Know when to be quiet, and realize that you don’t need to connect with everyone and make it about you. Be on time, make certain your kit is clean, be prepared for anything and be professional!

Andeen Rose-Clark is a celebrity hairstylist, as well as the owner/operator of ADD Hair & Make Up. Her credits have been seen on television, in national publications and featured on red carpets around the world. She has styled Eva Longoria, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, Courtney Mazza-Lopez, Hope Solo, Jewel, Audrina Patridge, Nicole Scherzinger and many more, as well as local celebrities and media personalities. Her goal is to create the ultimate beauty experience, and with her exceptional skills, she can make any vision or dream possible.

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