Ophthalmologist Eva Liang, M.D., medical director of Center for Sight, is the first female surgeon in the United States to perform the KAMRA procedure to correct presbyopia.

Eva LiangPresbyopia is the diminished ability to focus on near objects. Traditionally, visual correction with reading glasses has been the usual solution. While LASIK surgery has long been the standard for surgical correction of nearsightedness and represents a reliable alternative to glasses for clear distant vision, only very recently has there been a surgical solution for presbyopia. With the recent FDA approval of the KAMRA corneal inlay, a few leading American ophthalmologists now have the means to offer patients an eye procedure that improves near vision and offers freedom from the frustrations of reading glasses.

“I am excited to offer the No. 1 prescribed corneal inlay in the world to my patients. The KAMRA inlay offers an excellent option for the correction of presbyopia, with minimal compromises and inconveniences that come with other treatment options. Our patients are enjoying the comfort of being able to see at distance and near, without sacrificing depth perception,” she said.

With three locations in Southern Nevada, Center for Sight is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice.