By Tania Molinal

Get out and play. There is a misconception that play is a waste of time. In fact, it is an integral part to life. Of the many forms play can take, physical activity may offer the quickest path to playfulness. All exercise is good, but it is important not to take it too seriously and to remember that recreation should also be pleasurable. Discover how playfulness can make exercise and life more fun, engaging and meaningful.

While on vacation in Florida, my husband and I kayaked through tunnels of mangroves in the bay for four hours. We saw stingrays and manatees and just enjoyed a different type of workout. On another day, we drove down to Key West and rented bikes for the afternoon. We also went snorkeling and experienced the beauty of the ocean below the surface. It is all about having fun and remembering to take time to play.

The following are suggestions for playtime.
1. Play in a pool.
2. Go to a water park.
3. Ride a bike.
4. Hike.
5. Play with a ball or Frisbee at the park.
6. While sightseeing, walk instead of drive.
7. Join the kids for bouncing on a trampoline.

The idea is to have fun and to fully engage in the world. There’s this misconception that play is a waste of time, but it’s what keeps people productive, healthy and connected to the world. Go out and play!

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