By Ruth Lauber

I have worked in marketing and sales for over 40 years and I am proud to say I have been very successful at it. I know that have been so many changes over the years, especially with the Internet and social media, but the same rules apply.

There are several things I believe are important to help others grow their business and be a success. In this issue I am going to start by sharing my knowledge in creating success in sales and marketing, whether you are looking for new clients as a sales person or new clients for a business. I have applied these rules everyday of my life, both business and personal.

My first rule is that first impressions count including websites and social media.

First, face to face, will people like what they hear or see with their first impression of you? I advise everyone that when you get up in the morning, get ready and always dress for success. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask if this is what you want people to see, whether in an office or out making appointments. Your attitude comes across in your voice, personality and looks.

What if you work virtually? Remember, people can still hear it in your voice. If you have an attitude of success, it will come through. What about Facetime, Skype or Periscope? People still form opinions visually and audibly and you need to exude success no matter the medium.

I do appreciate the fact that some businesses are more creative or casual in appearance. Artists dress differently than attorneys. Still, you have to feel good about yourself. Studies have been done by various universities that attitudes come through in how a person carries him or herself and speaks to others. An artist can be creative and still present him or herself as professional.

I used to train salespeople and I would ask people in the class if they actually looked at themselves in the mirror before coming to class. I was amazed when people who make their living meeting with people face to face would answer “no.” I would dismiss them from class for the day. Everyone got the message.

Another way people develop a first impression in today’s world is through social media. Companies employ people to check on potential clients, vendors, businesses and staff members through their social media profile. A first impression is what people read online.

First and foremost, keep your private life private. There is no reason you need to post that you are sick, broke, in debt, getting a divorce, hung over or anything of a personal nature. Your profile, posts and photos should always be professional. Facebook does offer the option to make a person’s page private, and it can set one up for only friends and family as well. However, the caveat is that once it goes on the Internet, it stays forever. Mark Cuban of ABC’s “Shark Tank” recently spoke out about mistakes people make on social media. He urges everyone to “clean up” their pages and immediately delete any unflattering or unprofessional photos and posts. It might take all day, but it is well worth it.

Websites are another way of making a first impression. I am not speaking of design, but content. Are all of the words spelled correctly? Is proper grammar used? Websites represent you and are part of your first impression to the world.

Confidence comes across in many ways. Whether you work in the field, in one specific place, virtually or online; present yourself in a way to appeals to people and exudes success.

RuthRuth Lauber is the vice president of sales and marketing for Las Vegas Woman Magazine. She has over 40 years in the broad spectrum of newspaper and magazine sales, marketing, events and new electronic media with a number of publications. Lauber has been a part of the magazine since its inception.