By Rev Tabithi

Beyond my first major discovery causing the invention of the revolutionary Personal Time-Map System, I had another powerful perception-lifting insight. My second greatest discovery of all time is what I refer to as BEF, which stands for the Bullsh*t Element Factor. BEF is defined as that mysterious aspect of our existence that causes the easiest and simplest things to be difficult or impossible to accomplish.

An example is meeting someone and experiencing a most powerful romantic attraction. However, they are faithfully married or have an unbearable odor or are dishonest and untrustworthy. In other words why can’t it be as simple as mutual desire and attraction without the BEF?

Other examples of BEF are: Why can’t we all agree to just love and respect one another? Why can’t we all agree not to harm, lie to, cheat or steal from each other? Why can’t we have all of the love, power, financial success and freedom that we want? Why do we choose to get angry if we don’t have to?

Why is the annoying BEF so necessary?

BEF is necessary in order to build you into a greater and more dynamic expression of your higher potential and to expose your inner greatness and reveal your inner genius.
Here are some words of wisdom that have been passed down through the ages that directly address the presence of BEF.

Adversity exists to make us stronger. For example, lifting weights in the gym causes resistance or adversity to the muscles, which results in bigger and stronger muscles if done on a regular, routine basis.

All great things are preceded by chaos, and this is why we never want to get too distracted by the birth pains or else we will miss out on the beauty of the birth that is also happening.

We cannot control everything, but we can control our response to anything and how we respond to anything that happens will always reveal our true level of consciousness or spiritual maturity.

Happy Blessings

Rev. Thabiti is internationally known as the world’s most accurate personal forecast expert. His Time-Map System, available to the public at, provides reliable directional guidance and a superior illuminated advantage over your situation or circumstance. He is also in the documentary movie “The Illumined Ones,” to be released later this year.