Try to imagine being 52 years old and being over $450,000 in debt. While you have a loving spouse and healthy children, you lost everything materially. This includes the 10,000-square-foot house, the Rolls Royce, limousine, household staff, driver and all of the luxuries taken for granted.

Then imagine reinventing yourself and becoming a mutli-millionaire again. That is the story of Sandi and Ed Cohen as their success continues in 2017.

After their world as they knew it crashed around them, Sandi and Ed needed to make some hard decisions. Sandi told Ed, “If I have to start my life over, I want to see the sunshine every day. And we moved west to Arizona and lived there for 14 years.”

It was in Arizona that Sandi met someone, “who introduced me to helping and educating people in wellness, and we became very passionate. My mother had cancer and Alzheimer’s and my dad died at 65 due to a sudden heart attack. Both Ed’s parents had cancer. We became ageless advocates, finding products that could really help people live a better quality of life.”

The focus of their collective businesses is to educate people how to live longer and healthier using specific products. The Cohens want to share their wealth and give back to the community. This has been their way of life since they first met.
Originally from Philadelphia, Sandi graduated from Temple University with a degree in education, and Ed also graduated form Temple University with a degree in pharmacy. Sandi was the first white female to teach in a school with a black faculty and student population in 1963. “I wanted to be of service and really make a difference to others,” she stated.

As a pharmacist, Ed owned five pharmacies. In 1978, Sandi started a medical and surgical supply business specializing in pediatrics in the front of one of Ed’s stores and built it into a multi-million dollar business in about three years.

They worked very hard and in 1986 decided to sell the business. The group of private investors that purchased the business defaulted and did not pay them. The Cohen’s filed a lawsuit that lasted eight years. Sadly, within nine months of the litigation starting, the buyers were out of business. “We eventually won but the only winners were the attorneys since the settlement was so small,” Sandi explained.

Their riches to rags to riches story continued after their move to Arizona and relocation to Lake Las Vegas in Henderson. According to Sandi, “For the past 21 years it has been our passion and our mission to educate how to live longer and look and feel younger.”

Recently, the Cohens helped to launched a new product, Aeris 2 Minute Miracle Gel. “This product will exceed everything done in the past 14 years,” Sandi said. They are also expanding the business into Korea and are very excited about that.

Still, the Cohens appreciate their success as Sandi explained, “In life we all have obstacles and challenges. I often reference Dr. M. Scott Peck’s book ‘The Road Less Traveled.’ On the first page are the words, ‘life is difficult.’ I didn’t know that early in my life because we were fortunate to be rewarded for our hard work. I didn’t know life could be difficult until our life was turned upside down. There is always hope and redemption. We tell people obstacles are a part of life. Find a way over, under or around the obstacle and find another way. We all deserve to live our life the way we want it.”

Sandi and Ed Cohen continue to demonstrate their passion in both words and actions for 2017 and beyond.

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