Photo credit: Anthony Mair

Pizza Lotto Slices & Slots at El Cortez Hotel & Casino combines tradition and innovation to create classic New York pizza and artisan-crafted specialty pies. The menu also includes other classic Italian dishes including chicken parmigiana, Italian-style meatballs, and a Bronx-style Stromboli. The World Famous Garlic Rolls are its specialty and add to any meal. Salads, sandwiches, wraps, coffees, beers and wine are also available.

It is rumored that the combination of creamy mozzarella, rich tomato sauce and fresh basil was inspired by the red, white and green colors of the Italian flag. Queen Margherita of Savoy loved it and it became the Margherita Pizza.

Pizza Lotto Slices & Slots
El Cortez Hotel & Casino
600 E. Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101