You hear it time and time again: If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. And if you forget that tidbit of wise knowledge, life has a funny way of reminding you.

Almost 10 years ago, I was skydiving for my birthday. Now, after having my daughter last year, I’m all about safety and wouldn’t think of jumping out of a plane. I’ve become overly concerned with my health. I want to be around for her to see her though her school years, marriage and beyond. Being in top health is crucial so I can care, play and teach her as she grows up. Everything matters, from dental care to mammograms. Like most people, when it’s time to find a doctor or specialist, it’s nice to ask a friend whom they recommend. You can think of this issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine as your trusted friend. Welcome to our annual Doctors of the Desert Issue.

brookeBrand and Troy Doss of our graphics team have welcomed their first baby girl, Brooke Doss. They have been through so much, including an unfortunate event in which their car caught on fire in the garage, which spread to the rest of the house just two weeks before Brooke was born. Thank you to the community who prayed and donated to their GoFundMe page; they are extremely grateful. The Dosses truly understand the meaning of good health, especially when health is all you have after losing virtually all material things in a fire. We love and admire them for their perseverance and seeing the silver lining in any situation. From all of us at Las Vegas Woman magazine, huge congratulations to them and their beautiful baby girl.

Tammy Grabel Head ShotAs always, thank you to our advertisers for their contributing support. Remember, it is with their support that our publication can continue to educate, entertain and showcase noteworthy individuals in our community. If you are in the market for one of their services, please thank them by calling and visiting them.

Finally, thank you for spending your valuable time reading our publication. We hope you find value in the fall issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine.

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