Here I am, operating a business along with being a mom to my 9-month-old baby, Grace, doing both full-time. I quickly realized that when becoming a mother, I had to make decisions on many controversial topics, starting with epidural or natural birth. Then onto other debatable conversations such as vaccinations, attachment parenting vs. cry-it-out methods, when to start solids and whether to be a stay-at-home mom or working mom.

At Preview 2016, Las Vegas Metro Chamber
At Preview 2016, Las Vegas Metro Chamber
My personal opinion is that every mom’s situation is unique, and decisions on raising their babies is a personal one. For me, I wanted to be fully immersed in both worlds: career and motherhood. Although it may look easy through all my social media posts, it has been a challenging journey.

Our corporate office has an office for Grace right next to my office, although I don’t use my desk very often anymore. My desk is now my lap while sitting on the glider in Grace’s office, which consists of a big play mat with books and toys. My mother comes in a few times a week to watch Grace so I can meet with my team, have meetings and tackle the pile of work that has collected on my desk. Quality time with Grace during the day is a priority, so every night I work after she goes to bed, and at 2 a.m. I finally crawl into my slumber.

We have incorporated motherhood into our work life, and it ultimately has been a wonderful adjustment. Our clients love coming in and seeing Grace grow. She has been a big moral booster to our magazine team and even joins us at some of our events. Most recently, she was our booth attractor at Preview Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.

This is how my husband Seth and I are handling motherhood and career, but it’s not for everyone. You only have one shot at this life—live it your way. In this issue, you will find a diversity of locals who are living life their way. Enjoy reading about each one of them; we know you will truly be inspired.

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