Its name might imply outdoor landscaping, but Rio Stones is really a one-stop shop for all interior and exterior stone and tile needs. As a direct importer, Rio carries hundreds of natural stone and engineered quartz slab options, with over 5,000 slabs in stock. Specializing in a broad spectrum of exotic hues in marble, granite, quartzite and travertine natural stones.

Although their showroom is currently under development, there are still hundreds of options in different materials, including a variety of types, looks and sizes. There are ceramic, glass tiles, stone mosaics and porcelains from around the world to fit any budget. Exterior and landscape stones, such as ledger panels, pavers and river rocks are also available.

Rio Stones hired a new design assistant to complete the showroom and begin to assist clients. Jasmine Upton, showroom sales assistant, has a lot of passion for stone and tile and enjoys helping clients through the sometimes stressful process of selection.

“When homeowners are shopping to do a remodel or buy a brand-new home, they should take into consideration several factors. Don’t consider just the look, but also maintenance, including children and pets; how often they want to clean their floors and maintain them; how often they want to potentially have to refinish countertops; and how much time they spend cooking in their kitchen. Maintenance should be just as important as looks when looking at different materials. And of course there is budget; budget must be considered. With our vast selection of stones, porcelains and mosaics there is something for everyone,” she explained.

Rio StonesQuality is an important consideration when selecting materials, and often one of the hardest things to determine for homeowners. Cost can be a factor, an indication of something’s quality, but not always. For example, there are porcelains available on the market from 99 cents to $20 per square foot. Certainly there is a difference in quality within that range but after the $6 price point the difference can be seen as unnecessary by some clients. Generally speaking, and with regards to the majority of porcelains in Rio Stones’ showroom, the $4 to $5 range is going to give a very large selection of good quality, easy to maintain options in various sizes. According to Upton, there are many options above that range that are considered of higher quality, but in many cases it’s simply a better production process that allows for a look and feel more like the natural material its made to look like. For instance, some of the wood-look porcelains in larger sizes that have a heavy texture similar to wood and a larger color variation from piece to piece, are much higher priced with subtle textures and color variations.

As for trends, “Gray or greige, as I like to call it, remains steady in the market. For example, it might be gray with beige undertones. One person might look and see the beige coloring, while another would see the gray coloring. This has been huge for the past two years and I don’t see it going anywhere,” Upton said. “For people who want a contemporary, cleaner look but still want a lot of warmth, especially desert looks, gray colors with a beige or taupe undertones have been very popular.”

Besides all of the slab and tile options, Rio Stones also features a full line of stone care products and tools. Stone sealers and everyday cleaners for floors and counters, as well as general tools and supplies for contractors are available.

Whether upgrading a home, purchasing a new one or working on a commercial project, Rio Stones is the place to get all interior and exterior hard surface products.

Rio Stones
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