Volunteer inspires others with her dedication to United Way

Robyn Caspersen’s work with United Way of Southern Nevada should be a full-time paying job, but the volunteer considers it a labor of love. “I have very much enjoyed investing my time and talents to giving back to my community,” she said. With her many leadership positions, including serving as co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Council, she is inspiring others to follow her example.

Caspersen grew up in Skagit County, Washington, and spent her summers working in agriculture in the region. She attended Central Washington University and earned her degree in accounting, then moved to San Francisco to start her career.

Five years later, she joined the Seattle office of the global accounting and consulting firm Deloitte. She was admitted into the partnership in 1999 and in 2008, Caspersen and husband John, along with daughter Riley and son Benjamin, moved to Las Vegas, where Caspersen became the lead audit partner serving NV Energy.

Caspersen has supported her community and United Way ever since she started her professional career. She was inspired by Deloitte’s impressive dedication, recognized for having the most Tocqueville Society members nationwide for 12 consecutive years. Since Caspersen’s retirement from Deloitte and after a more than 30-year career, she has stayed busy with consulting and serving on several corporate boards. Caspersen is an avid golfer and loves watching and taking photos of almost every spectator sport. One of her favorite things to do is enjoy time with friends and a bottle of wine, and she loves to travel to add to the family wine cellar.

Still, Caspersen’s commitment to giving back has also expanded to her retirement. “I can’t imagine not supporting the community, and United Way provides me the opportunity and privilege to be part of these amazing high-performing networks of community leaders.” She now contributes her time as WLC co-chair, member of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Audit Committee as well as former co-chair of the Tocqueville Society.

Caspersen’s decision to step into leadership positions with the Tocqueville Society and WLC came from the desire to meet other community leaders who are passionate about making a difference. “The WLC is all about women bringing their talents together,” Caspersen said, “and as a Tocqueville member, I have the opportunity to affect change in the community.”

Caspersen is seeing that change through United Way’s leadership, especially through president and CEO Bob Morgan and the Board of Directors. “I like what Bob has been able to do in his short time here; to instill in all of us that we have a tremendous opportunity to do something amazing.” She is a firm believer in United Way’s unique ability to bring the community together.

Caspersen loves being able to combine her talent and ideas to build a better community, and encourages those who can to give and make a difference in the lives of others who need it. “It is so rewarding,” she said. “Once you get involved, you won’t be able to stay away!”