By Dr. Cynthia Payne

Update with retro, metals, color, futuristic, glitter and negative space

mainEyewear is more than improving vision but a fashion accessory that expresses personality and style. In the coming New Year, it is time to update that look to 2017 with Trendsetter Eyewear.

What’s old is new again in fashion eyewear with retro looks from the ‘70s. Designer lines this fall showcased the trend of oversize lenses in cat-eye, round, square and aviator shapes. Mirrored sunglass lenses made a much more frequent appearance to add fun to sunwear. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is always a classic and was introduced in wood and color acetate. There was also a round lens version of the Clubmaster.

Acetate frames still dominate the fashion eyewear styles with color frames becoming more predominate. Metal frame eyewear is continuing to emerge as retro looks gain in popularity. A newcomer to the designer eyewear industry that embodies this trend is Garret Leight Eyewear. Garrett Leight is the son of the longtime designer for Oliver Peoples and his classic-styled collection is reimagined for a modern appeal. This line features custom clip-on sunglass lenses in mineral glass or sunglasses made with mineral glass for high quality optics.

In contrast to the growth of retro-styles, there are futuristic designs such as Zero base lenses in sunglasses. These frame’s fronts are very thin and have a very flat profile. Dior styles also include studded lenses and pixilated-mirrored lenses.

Many designers are incorporating negative space into their frame styles. This allows for a smaller lens size but gives the impression of a larger frame size. Some favorites in the category are eyewear from Lafont and

A trend that has been gaining in popularity over the past two years is eyeglass frames in acetate with a bold, chunky appearance with larger size lenses. Patients at Trendsetter Eyewear have been embracing this trend with the more conservative black or tortoise colors.

Glitter embedded frames adds some sparkle to eyewear. This is a trend that has continued to grow this year and is especially beautiful when combined in a retro round shape from Menizzi.

Eyewear frames made with wood, horn and marble also are making a notable appearance in some of the designer lines.

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