What’s the best part of vacationing? Making memories, right? Doing fun things in an inspiring setting…whether you’re an A-plus itinerary builder or you’re simply savvy enough to hire the right person to fulfill your planned fun?

(Now…what’s the worst part? Going home to the snoring same-old same old.)

But what if returning to your everyday life was every bit as invigorating as your getaway?

What if you lived where you could truly go home to get away from the monotony of it all…where your fun tank was filled every day and in every way?

At South Beach, unlike any Las Vegas residential experience of its kind, our residents’ collective connection is at the heart of our community. That’s why we offer an unprecedented variety of organized social events that put fun at your doorstep, packing your calendar with activities that keep you happy at home and only as busy and engaged as you want to be. Our Resident Event Committee works in concert with the full-time South Beach Social Director, whose sole purpose is to collaborate with the community’s sports director and management team to carefully curate the kinds of events that are palatable to our discerning residents.

pet care south beachJust what does this South Beach “planned fun” look like? Spread across some 200 events a year are activities like fashion shows and wine tastings; TED Talk-style lectures on things that matter to our residents like finance, health, real estate, and pet care; live music and entertainment; “movies at the beach” on our 9-foot-by-16-foot LED-screen television, and more.

But don’t think fun is all proper and no play! South Beach’s sports facilities and tropical, park-like surrounds proffer the perfect place for some friendly, healthy, resident competition…everything from beach volleyball, soccer and football, to fun with foosball, ping pong and even giant-size Jenga. The SB Lounge will feature Sunday-, Monday-, and Thursday-night football on multiple TV screens, and our SB Beach Club will host hot summer parties to cool you down at night.

south beach sprinterImagine it: Prizes, beer and wine will happen habitually. And when the dust settles in the eves, residents may simply choose the quiet of South Beach’s version of Central Park…seated under the stars, soaking in more green than you ever dreamed from a desert.

Are you a social being who prefers fun at home versus searching it in loud, crowded places? Let South Beach put the social in your life by making your reality as enjoyable as your dreamy vacays. Because at South Beach, you can truly go home to get away.

Coming home is like getting away! Visit www.southbeachvegas.com to register for more information.